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Manu | 16 March 2015 | 2 comments

My 1st year of Iceland in photos

Iceland's four seasons

The tree outside my Reykjavik house is the only one who felt the 4 seasons up here


My_1st_impressions_ Iceland South Coast in winter-79

Iced Gullfoss waterfall

Iced Gullfoss waterfall

Ice caves

Glacier Lagoon on a winter day

Winter low sunset on the Glacier

My_1st_impressions_winter in Isafjordur

On the Ring Road, towards Vatnajokull glacier

My_1st_impressions_ring road of Iceland






Flight over Iceland and eruption

My_1st_impressions_Iceland countryside 1

My_1st_impressions_Iceland_South_Coast_Seljalandfoss 14

Eistnaflug, best festival in the world

My_1st_impressions_summer nights in Iceland


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