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Get a postcard from Iceland!


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This is a unique chance to receive a postcard from one of the most unknown, undiscovered and beautiful places of Europe.

Westfjords, iceland, houses

An example of the old Icelandic houses in the Westfjords


Amazing people, stunning landscapes, good vibes, Iceland is truly stunning!


westfjords, iceland

The stunning colours of the Westfjords in Summer

To receive a postcard from Iceland, please sign up below, send me your address ( you can also drop me an email here), and with a small contribution of 4.99 euros you will receive your postcard and at the same time you will support my travel.

This is a great way to be part of my travel, receiving a great small gift in exchange.
Thank you in advance!
Love you all! x

Click here to receive your postcard from Sarajevo for 4,99 euros per card! 

– You can choose multiple postcards. Make the payment for all the cards you want to get and drop me an email with your address.

– And as I will be traveling on a budget and for a very long time, if you would like to support my trip even without any postcard, you can use the same button to donate. Even the smaller amount is appreciated!


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