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Manu | 6 April 2012 | no comments


The day is arrived and I cannot believe it. I have been busy and waiting for this moment since so long that I cannot really focus on the fact that tomororw this great adventure starts.

Everything is ready. My backpack is full, completely packed with winter and summer clothes, as I will have to face both the 25 degrees of Buenos Aires and the 7 or 8 of Ushuaia, the camera, mobile and netbook are charging, my passport is in the bag together with my flight tickets, and I am having a last look up at the guide, just to get the impressions of where I will be in 48 hours.

I can’t wait to meet all my Argentinian family. They will wait for me at the airport and it will be a great moment to meet them for the first time and give them a big hug, from all my family and from my granny who always thought of them all her life.

I wish my granny was still with me…I promised her long time ago one day I would have gone to visit them, and she was always smiling when I remembered her this promised. She knew I would have done it one day. I knew it as well. it was only a matter of fact, and finally the time is arrived.

I love the night before a departure. it’s so full of wishes and expectations, and that excitement that makes you feel tired but at the same time also slepless. I love to enjoy this moment, this great feeling of freedom and happiness. I am really happy only when I travel, I always knew that, and everytime I am at the night befre a big trip I love remembering it to myself.

Four months ago I was leaving to go to Iceland, with Isafjordur, up North, as my main destination, and now I am leaving to Argentina, with Ushuaia , down South, as a main stop over…from Isafjordur to Ushuaia in 4 month is great! What a feeling, waching at the globe and see your steps making kilometers around the world!

Tomorrow I will be in Spain for a day, just tasting the Latin world before diving into it on Sunday. Argentina is such a charismatic country, I love the fact that here in Europe people always believe I am Argentinian!

I hope I will sleep a bit tonight, as tomorrow it’s going to be a very long day. Wake up early, going to the airport to check in ( I have to check in my bag so I need more time) then fly to Madrid where I am going to meet Mike, a couchsurfer who will host me for a night. We may go to the stadium together, and anyway I am looking forward to see Madrid!

Long day indeed, and then getting ready for my 12 hours flight to Buenos Aires, and for one of the most emotional moments in my life.
Stay tuned, and follow me on the road…catch me if you can…


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