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Thank You


The beautiful logo you can see on top of the page is a great work of my friend and artist Mariateresa Mansi. I know Mariateresa since the times of the University. One month ago, I just sent her a picture of the real diary and told her what I meant about my 1st impressions and she immediately understood what I wanted. When I saw the logo, it was exactly what I imagined.

Only few people in the world have this gift! One is Mariateresa!

You can contact Mariateresa by email here


My great support in correcting all my posts has been my old friend Kelly Lombardo. I lived together with Kelly in Rome, when she was a student from the US. Kelly speaks perfectly Italian and has been a great support in correcting my pages, originally translated in English by myself.

You can contact Kelly also by email here


Roos Smit has been the first person to click on the Facebook page of my 1st impressions and a great inspirations of new fresh ideas at every stage of the website, besides her great human support as a friend.

You can follow Roos’ beautiful projects on her website

All of you

And then there is each of you my friends, beautiful creatures met around the world in these years of great adventures, wonders and discoveries. Ever page of each diary, every new step in a new world, any word written and photo taken has been inspired by all of you.

 Hope you will love my 1st impressions!

Grazie, to all!