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Manu | 11 July 2012 | no comments

 I was there and it was amazing!

It was beautiful watching it, listening to it and being part of it.

The moment of the National anthem gave me chills as I felt so much alive and in love with my country for the first time again, after so many years.


Italian fans at Circo Massimo

The result of the match doesn’t count. It’s sport, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose; at the end I was proud to be one of them, one of the losers because they behave like winners anyway. It’s was a great celebration even when we lost. Everybody left calm, some were even keeping singing the Italian anthem, some were dancing, some were hugging each other. I was there with my friends and my brother and nothing could have changed such a perfect moment for any reason.

It’s amazing to experience the power of such a great sport like football. In Italy it’s a passion you grow with since you are a child. I am one of those who grew with this passion in my blood. And football is still one of the easiest way to get a conversation and new friends when traveling.

I always wish my friends from foreign countries to feel at least once the magic of having their national team world champion as it’s an unforgettable feeling of a moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Football is a daily passion in italy

I wish you all the same, my friends.

This is not my best video ever, what I hope it can communicate the feeling of joy there was in that moment 🙂


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