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Manu | 15 August 2012 | no comments

Well, the big steps for this crazy adventure to begin have been prepared in the past few months.

The logo of Vikings Across Africa

First it was the decision, in early January, just after I found the ad of Garry, the organizer, who was looking for some crazy adventurer to go all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Cape Town, South Africa. It took me two seconds to read the ad and decide I was gonna be part of it. I felt on that truck from the first minute, I remember jumping around in the kitchen for such a great feeling of happiness. Finally I had found what I had always been looking forward, an expedition of this kind, of the kind you see only on tv, a real great journey crossing a great continent and living an unforgettable experience day by day. I remember watching this sort of road trips on tv for years when I was a teenager and always wondering how these people were finding these kind of travels, how the people were chosen, and that day I found the answer just on my laptop screen.

I wrote to Garry immediately and the day after I was already in touch with him asking for more info about the trip.

So, in the first 6 months I have been dreaming of it, waiting for July to pay the first part of the trip and feel finally and officially part of it.

Once this happened I could finally start talking about this with my friends and the rest of the world. I already told my boss that I will have to leave, I told my family and all my friends, and yes, to all of you who are reading this post. I have been thinking a lot about this journey in the past months, and got the conclusion that it’s a once in a lifetime journey that doesn’t happen to everybody. I got the luck to find it and the courage to decide to do it. In the past months many people told me they admire my courage to take such a decision, but for me there was not even the decision time, I knew I was going to do it since the first moment I saw it. The only thing I thought is that if I don’t do it, I would think of this for the rest of my life and regret it forever. I rather prefer to live the rest of my life knowing I went there and I had the most incredible adventure ever.

I am going to Africa!!!!

Even though it’s still difficult to figure it out, the more the time is coming the more I realize it.

Yes, I am, I am going to Africa. The excitement is starting to grow, especially now that the summer is almost over and I have to start organizing everything.

I will soon start with the vaccinations, as I will have to do many of them. Then it will be the time to organize how to leave everything here, in the place I am currently living. And finally the trip, what I need to bring with me.

A dream that comes true

If I just try to imagine what I am going to see on a 6 month road trip from Iceland to Cape Town I get chills. I am going to live the most amazing experience of my life. We will see amazing landscapes, we will cross the desert, watch the stars, the proper stars at night, and will be enchanted by the sun, they say the sun huge in Africa. Together with these crazy people we will cross this entire continent, we will arrive in so many remote places where you will never ever think to go traveling in your life, we will have adventures and great moments together, sharing an unforgettable experience. And then there will be the people we are going to meet on the road during 6 months, they are going to be a lot and they will leave a sign and a memory forever. This is actually the most exciting part of the entire trip, thinking about all those amazing people we are going to meet, maybe some of them will become friends for a lifetime.

I will keep a diary of all the updates of the trip and also my feeling about leaving Amsterdam, this amazing town where I have lived 4 beautiful years, from now on.

I hope you will follow me and share with me the joy, the fears, the excitement of such a great moment of my life.

This is only the beginning…

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