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Manu | 20 August 2012 | no comments

The extatic beauty of the Northern Sunset

What a great day of sun, light and warm I just had this weekend, one of those perfect days when mother Earth makes it everything posssible, even bathing in the Northern Sea with 30 degrees celsius.

It may be that this was the last day of summer here in Holland, or at least for me this year. In 10 days i will go to italy and I doubt that in the meanwhile it can happen again. Happy I enjoyed it at all and at the end, just before leaving, I even experienced one of the msot beautiful sunset ever seen in my life.

Amazing power of Nature

I am sure in Africa I will see many more, but this one was a special one, in a country not famous at all for amazing sunset views on the beach like that one.

I had chilled when I saw see the sky slowly starting changing colours, getting into the orange feeling and the sun turning into a fire ball who slowly falling into the sea.

People around me were keeping repeating “How beautiful”, taking thousand sphotos of it, and indeed…it was really amazing. The sun kept his shape until the end, until it finally went to dive into the water, and the sky took different colours and shapes, enhancing the shadows of people and seagulls in front of it.

Pure bliss!

I and the rest of the people there felt lucky to have the great nto see something so beautiful when nobody expected, to be surrounded by the hor red rays of sun that took possession of everything aorun: the best and perfect end of an unforgettable day!



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