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Turkey is an amazing country rich in ancient history. Have you ever wondered where to pay a visit in Turkey? Here are some of the places you should consider.

1. Cappadocia: Cappadocia tops my list due to its uniqueness. Several amazing landscapes of cave hotels and houses are available to the people touring the city. The place is rich in history signified by the cave churches and the famous underground city. It is endowed with leisure activities like hot air ballooning, horse riding and at times Safari tours that will give you a unique experience here.



2. Istanbul: It is the capital city of the republic of Turkey. The city has garnered reputation as a one stop tourist’s destination. While in Istanbul, one should never fail to pay homage to the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the ancient marvellous Topkapi palace. Shopping at the bazaars like he Grand Bazaar is an amazing and memorable experience. You should enjoy fish delicacies at the restaurants along the shores on the shores of Bosporus.

3. Ephesus: It was the largest city of the ancient Roman Empire. It boasts of being a home to one of the seven wonder of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis. Close to its proximity is the Aegean Sea. The sea shores are covered with pebbles with a warm climate year round, good for sunbathing. Celsius Library remains a landmark in the city and holds the title of being the most photographed place in the world. Ephesus streets are lined up sculptures of the ancient period that talks volumes of the city’s richness in history of the periods dating as far back as 4th century.


Beautiful Turkey

Beautiful Turkey

4. Bodrum: The city of Bodrum is known for its massive buildings, statues and Mausoleums with cliff top resorts attracting masses of people around the world yearly. The Eagean Sea is visible at a distance with white sandy beaches that are clean and well maintained making it the best place to spend your free time while in Bodrum. A visit to the city is never over not until you travel to the ancient Underwater Archaeological site found in the place. Delicacies are affordable and cater across all tastes and dishes.

5. Side: It was the major sea port at the times of Alexander the Great. The town is built and designed to overlook white sand beaches of the Mediterranean Sea coast. The staring tourist attraction in the town today is the ancient Hellenistic and Roman ruins. Several state of art restaurants are available with local specialty of fish served. 

6. Mount Nemrut: This is the home to the ancient Romans royal tombs. It was classified as the World heritage site by UNESCO. Mount Nemrut is among the best sunrise sceneries in the world.

7. Antalya: Over twelve million tourists come to Antalya on the year basis. Most of them are eager to experience the delight of the city’s beautiful coastal resorts and numerous ancient ruins. Luxury accommodations are available here with the best packages. Tourists do enjoy leisure activities like swimming, sailing and mountain climbing. 






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