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Manu | 5 July 2016 | no comments

June is a stunning month to come and visit Greenland, with Summer that slowly take

Greenland! A life time destination became true this summer!

Icebergs, Greenland

Enormous masses of ice keep moving around according to the weather and the wind, constantly changing the landscape

My first month has already gone, and with it tons of emotions, stunning landscape, amazing people, adventures, laugh and the daily feeling to be blessed to be in one of the most beautiful and unknown, untouched places of the planet.

I learned a lot this month. I learned about these people and their daily ancestral struggle to survive these often hostile lands and climate. So much respect and love for some of the most peaceful people ever met in life. Their neverending smiling face and quiet philosophy to tale life as it comes is a gift I experience every day up here. I learn from them everyday. Their life beats with the rhythm of Nature that they don’t try to dominate, but to integrate in their life style.

Greenland, Midnight sun

Midnight sunset slendour

Time and space barely exist up here, especially in summer. Days are without ends. The Sun always shines on your head and in the sky and the difference between one day and another is due mainly to the sleeping rhythm you slowly learn to handle in order to rest. One day is just the continuation of the other, with no starry night to give it an official end. It is like living in those weird movies where there is no end to the same day. You maybe keep living the same day forever, until the night and its darkness will come again, sometime next month.

Icebergs, Greenland

Icebergs, giants of the sea

Said that, there is a strong energy around, in this country. You can feel it under your skin. This is a sacred place, where the Nature is majestically enhancing your senses and perception of the reality. Every night when the Sun tries to set behind the mountains for few minutes, a renewed splendour happens in the sky. You can stare at it forever. It will always be different and the same, at the same time.


Sometime Greenland resembles the real Middle Earth!

Everyday the landscape around changes, moves, evolves. It is alive. Enormous masses of ice daily move around you. When the strong Nord wind blows at night it brings these icebergs in the bay and completely changes the sights you had the day before.


Feel the energy go the planet in its purest elements.

You feel the energy of this sacred land in its light. The light of Greenland is pure, bright, strong. It makes you blind when you stare at it outside. It colors the world around like nowhere else in the world. You will never see a more blue sea of the one surrounding this place. It is like the sea captures the colours and the infinity of the sky that tries to reflect in it. Everything here is an anthem to the creation of the world, in its purest form and power. Everything here is an anthem to your life and freedom, to the great gift I got to be able to experience and witness this daily.

Tasiilaq, Greenland

Tasiilaq shining in the Midnight Sun

There is no other form of Beauty that can be compared to this. There won’t. Greenland is purity in its purest form, a jump into another dimension where our civilization doesn’t exist and doesn’t affect our soul. Being at such a strong connection with natives living these lands since ever gives you another overview about your life. Rush and stress don’t belong to this world. And calm and silence seem a more natural way to live the world, this world at least. It can’t last forever. It won’t. But as far as it does, I feel like this was the right choice and the place where I was meant to be this summer.


That feeling to be in the most beautiful place in the world….

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