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Manu | 2 August 2015 | 1 comment

My_1st_impressions_into the sun

If you have ever met a traveller in your life, you know a traveler is a very weird animal.

Travelers don’t see the world the way you use to do, they see the world like a huge adventure book where they create the story written in its page. Travelers think destiny is in their hand, they build it, they build their life every day, second after second, in the way they want to see it.

They never have a normal story to tell in a conversation. No. Travelers have always a weird example to tell, like of the time they were in the forests of Congo or in the Sahara desert, or when they were shooting the moon on top of a snowy mountain during starry summer nights of tropics horizons, and in order to tell you that example they always have to start with another story as an introduction. It is never a here or there, yes or not, black or white, no, it is always an adventure first and then the example and then a thought about life and about what they may have learnt from it. The fact is that travelers learn from everything everywhere. A small petrol station in the middle of nowhere, (because travelers never find a petrol station in a normal street like all the rest of normal people in the world) might become the place where they realize their mission in life, their next destination, who they love or simply how good or sad they feel. And because they don’t have a steady place to call home, they cannot philosophy about life sited on the sofa in front of the tv, they’d probably get bored anyway, they don’t even need yoga to meditate, every place is a good place to philosophy and meditate, to understand something, to learn, to discover, to grow.

The road is the teacher, the philosophy, the meditation, the happiness...for travellers

The road is the teacher, the philosophy, the meditation, the happiness…for travellers

This part of the travelers souls really difficult to understand. It may happen for you to see them a bit confused and confusing. A bit obsessive, a bit crazy, a bit unknown. They are all these. The are all these and much more. They can perfectly define some incredible hidden parts of their own soul and get lost in little details. If you have never been with them on an adventure you just think their stories of wild animals or ghosty forests are just the result of their imagination. You will look at them and enjoy the stories, and never fully believe in it even if they show you pictures. If you know them really well and even more if you have been sharing few steps together on one of the thousand roads they have crossed in life, you know those stories are true. What they are adding to those stories is not fantasy, it is love. The love they have for the world, for the road, for every new day, for every new adventure, the love they have for the human people they see around, for the gift they have in transforming everyone they meet in a character to remember, a story to tell, in a way that their story becomes the story of the people they have met and of the places they have been. Their world is not imaginary. Their world is real, and most probably it is beautiful, because they can run away from it, they are like Jolly’s , they don’t need to get stuck into it, they have the freedom to watch it, love it, make it theirs and leave before it crashes. That’s why their world will be nice forever. They don’t allow it to get wasted. A traveler’s world is made of stories, like in Tim Burton’s movie “Big Fish”. Their world is adventurous , because without adventures they would feel lost in life, they would dye of boredom, because that is the human destiny, when you have tried honey it is difficult you go back to sugar, and because they have felt the real essence of Freedom, they are destined to not have the possibility to go back and renounce to the view of something exciting in every thing the do. Going back would kill their spirit, they are not made for the normal life anymore, they went too further and they are scared of coming back to that routine that has killed so many around them.

Sitted on top of the world: best meditation lesson ever.

Sitted on top of the world: best meditation lesson ever.

Travelers live in a constant Wonderland, in a place where they create the shadows and lights of what they live. It may happen you don’t see what they see, or you don’t understand it, or simply you get tired of it. It can be irritating to try to follow their projects or make them understand your life point of view. Travelers live in a parallel universe where the real world doesn’t interest them at all. They live their life based on their instinct to move. They try and fight to settle down like normal people do, but they fight for it and often they can’t manage to do it. It is like a curse, they know one day the wind will blow again and like Mary Poppins they will fly somewhere else. They live on the edge between the real world and their own, that they have the freedom to create as they wish. This doesn’t work all the times of course, and their world often collapses too, but they have the strength to get up again and move forward towards another world. Not often the normal people have this strength to do it as fast as travelers can. But travelers have learnt on the road how to get further and find a solution when something doesn’t work, to have always a plan B, and C, very rarely travelers will ever get stacked in a problem or a situation they don’t like just to please other people or circumstances.

My_1st_impressions_jumping in the sunset

Catch them if you can!

They can look like obsessive people, but this is because if they love something they cannot stop sharing thoughts about it. They get excited for little stupid things, for a bottle of dust, for a shooting star, for a laugh, for a story. The fact they want to obsessively share their stories is because they love their life, they love life, they love life so much that they have decided to live it fully, despite the rest of the world tells them to settle down, get a job and get married. They are obsessed with life and they would love to communicate it as much as they can. When travelers start a story they open a window on a new world to you. They obsessively sing the love they have for the world we all live in. They wish you could see for a moment what they see. And listen for real. And discover the human that hides behind their erratic soul.