Aerial photography of Iceland

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Manu | 23 September 2016 | no comments


Iceland, Lake Myvatn

Iceland from above

I am often asked why I do love Iceland so much and what keeps me coming back here over and over again since six years, now. Well, my way to reply is by showing you some stunning pictures of Iceland from above . I thin it is enough to understand the unicity of this country.

I highly suggest you to take one of these little planes and see this stunning country from the sky, on your next visit up here. I am lucky I flew upon the highlands of Iceland two years ago at the time of the volcano eruption, and I was lucky again last year when i managed to fly over Iceland , from Lake Myvatn in the North, all the way to the Vatnajokull Glacier, down South, on a small plane with a local company.

This is the Beauty.


iceland, volcanoes, Myvatn

The volcanic area around Lake Myvatn, in North Iceland looks like another world


Glacier, iceland

Silent Glacier


Iceland, highlands

Fly me to the Moon


Iceland, aerial photography

The middle of iceland, unknown and amazing


Lake Myvatn, volcanoes, iceland

A tiny volcanic island in the middle of Lake Myvatn



No man’s land

Aerial photography, Iceland

Iceland, Aerial photography paradise


Askja crater, Iceland, volcano

Askja crater


Iceland, mountains

The 3 sisters’ mountains,

farm, iceland

Would you live there?


small plane, iceland

Best way to see Iceland from a different point of view is by one of these little precious!



Iceland from above

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