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Manu | 24 September 2012 | 1 comment


Belgian Do or Die at Baroeg Open Air 2012

Baroeg Open Air festival has been one of the coolest metal events I have ever been since long time.

the guitarrist of Furyon on the stage

Great weather, great people, liters and liters of beer and two stages where new Metal Bands and Old Ones performed all day, from 1pm to midnight.

The entrance to the festival was free. This made it already a great start. For once in a while the weather was nice in Rotterdam and as soon as you stepped in you could already start to rock. The atmosphere on the ground was amazing, with people seeming to all know each other, many childrens around playing to be musicians and a lot of good vibes in the air.

Now, if you love Metal music you already know it. If you don’t, well…I always suggest to go to at least once concert in life before start judging. At these kind of festivals I always find the atmosphere relaxing and chilling. People who usually love metal music are really passionate about it. They have their knowledge, they know what they love and what they are talking about and most of them are into music themselves.

I have been thinking that a lot of funny episodes in my life are linked to my passion for heavy metal.

I am always offered to jump on the shoulder of someone to see the full concert! Couple of times I risked my neck into the mop pit, byt that was a crazy fun, with me and other Italians who were so small compared to the huge Dutchs and who were just looking for the bar initially!!! We went out of it jumping and laughing like never before and after.

The first time I moved to Scotland I had one of the funniest meeting ever just with the more metallic musician I ever met in life.

it was in the middle of July and I arrived in Glasgow at 2 am, and of course I got lost and I couldn’t find my hostel.

Furyon Band opening Baroeg open Air festival 2012

I was in a small dark street, and from far away I saw this giant with a huge hamburger in his hands approaching. I thought immediately to pretend to be busy, but busy with what at 2 in the morning? So he saw me from the beginning of the road and screamt at me:”ehi!!!!”. I must say at the beginning I was a bit scared, I was only 22! He came closer and asked me:”Did you get lost?”. I told him yes, and as soon as he heard it, he asked me to see my map and to hold his hamburger in the meanwhile. It was the funniest scene I ever had in my entire life, the guy was checking were we were and in the meanwhile was telling me to eat his hamburger if I was hungry! ahah

When he understood where we were, he took my backpack and came with me at the hostel. How funny it must have been for the receptionist watching me arriving with the guy! I don’t know how many times I thanked that man. We were so busy talking that the guy was almost leaving forgetting to leave me my backpack…he came back running from the steps to bring it back! At

it was a 24 hour beer challenge last Saturday at the Baroeg!

that point he gave me a cd of a band called Madman is absolute, from glasgow that I just absolute adore because of this.

Metal Music is good for the soul, its a scream for your spirit, it allows all the fears and worries to come out and vanish in the air. I love that. I started to listen to Metal when I was at school, but it was when I started to study norwegian at the University that I got fully involved into it.

All the students of Norwegian Language in Rome at that time were Dark/Metal peorple. It happened the teacher who came in at the beginning of the year was so shocked by teaching to a small bunch of Italian people all dressed in black and chains that called the Noewegian tv in order to talk about it. it was funny, and for a while all Norway was curious about all these Italian metal people loving so much norwegian! Ah, I always found it funny to see in such an academic world a small alternative parentesis like ours!

Metal: you gotta love this!


And this:

hell yeah!


And this:



Oh…and this:

Too cool!

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