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2016: what a year!!!!!

From the latin vibes of Mexico and Cuba to the African style beautiful chaos of Jamaica, from the Arctic sceneries of Greenland and Iceland to the Balkans, from the magic of Sarajevo to the good vibes of Belgrade, the kindness of Kosovo and Macedonia, and the return to Rome to finally cherish my time with my old friends of a lifetime, this year has been a neverending adventure and discover, a surprise, a reconfirm, a new beginning…

This has been the year of the people. I have never met so many different people in my life like this year. Each of them has fullfilled every single day of my 2016 with laugh, stories, adventures, hapiness, discoveries…they all have been the best part of every single km I have walked around the world and of every country I have beeen in touch to. Despite being all so different in cultures, habits, mindset and lifestyle, they all have, once again, confirmed me that the most beautiful thing of traveling around the world is not what we go to see but who we meet on the way.

Sceneries come and go, friendship is forever. 

So here we go.

Let’s have a look at the photoset of another year in people with the wish it will simply keep staying like this for next year, too.


With Yoani in Cuba

Viñales, Cuba

Youni made me feel at home in Cuba


With Elizabeth in Kingston


With Elizabeth, my couch surfing host in Kingston. Amazing person!!!


With Naja and Suulu in Kulusuk

Amici, Groenlandia

Naja and Suulu


With Miky on the day we made it to the Knud Rasmussen Glacier

Knud rasmussen glacier, greenland

With Miky, the boat driver, satisfied to have made it!


With Kevin, in Cuba

Play del Carmen, Mexico

Kevin, my Dutch friend, called by everyone my nephew for all the time we spent together in Playa


The family in Mexico

Playa del Carmen hostel, Mexico

All the people met in Playa in the last 5 months have become a new family


With Bertine, from Holland, partying in Jamaica

Port Antonio, Jamaica

Me and Bertine at the end of the night, completely mesmerised by the experience!


With the guys exploring Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Coba, Mexico

In the jungle, exploring ancient ruins with the two Maries and Konrad


With Dulce, Mexican sister from another mother

Posada, mexico

Dulce, in red


With Samija, in Sarajevo

Samija, met at the tram stop and become a friend, embodies the kind heart of her town.

Samija, met at the tram stop and become a friend, embodies the kind heart of her town.


With vittoria and Ylber, on my last evening in Pristina, Kosovo

Vittoria and Ylber in Pristina

Vittoria and Ylber in Pristina


With Alessandro and Valentina who hosted me in Kosovo

My hosts in Pristina

My hosts in Pristina


With my friends in Rome

With my old friends in Rome. Finally I got some time back to spend with them

And last but not least all the people ramdonly met along the road, with whom I exchanged a chat, a laugh, a memory. In every meeting they have reminded me the beauty of encountering new worlds.

This was an amazing year! Thank you everyone!

Baščaršija, Sarajevo, open market,

A day at the market is a must when in Sarajevo. I had one of the best laugh of my life with this lady, who was trying to sell me that stuff in her hands. We got completely on the same energy level despite the language barrier. At the end she gave me some apples from her garden as a present


Inuit, Greenland, kulusuk

The smiling face of Greenlandic people is one of those things that makes you fall in love with this country forever


La Havana, Cuba

People of Cuba are the best to make you feel at home. This is Daniel, I stopped for a while to talk to him in his wife’s food shop, about the Revolution and about Fidel. He was very proud to let me know he personally knew Fidel And Che Guevara, regular clients at his old paper shop in old Havana



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