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Manu | 15 June 2004 | no comments

Royal Tatoo Edinburgh


Edinburgh, Scotland, July 15th 2004


Wonderful, to the point that it takes your breath away. Edinburgh is all this and more. I have only been here a few hours and it has already enchanted me. I think it is the most beautiful town I have ever seen. I’m still without words, I let my emotions flow as they really make my heart beat fast in the face of such wonder. Castle Edinburgh
Edinburgh is ancient. It carries the signs of its past, of a splendour belonging to another time, which is what fascinates me so much.
I am going to save the best part for this evening and for tomorrow, when I am going to visit the old part of the town and the castle, but now just the view from this side of the gardens has already shocked me.
With the sun, this town lights up. Music comes along with it. The same goes for the sympathy and warmth of its people. North Bridge of EdinburghThe medieval colours of the houses come alive, and even the soul rises.
I am happy I chose to stop over here. Now, having left the metropolitan atmosphere of the Glasgow behind, I have found the scent of the true Scotland, which is what I came up here for.
And this is only the beginning….