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Manu | 1 May 2005 | no comments

view of Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal, May 1st 2005

This new journey is one of Mediterranean destinations a completely different world from the one I usually love to visit. Lisboa sings to me of far-away lands that these wanderers dreamt and sought first move here in their minds and then beyond the horizon. Lisbon scultureContamination is the word that comes to mind to associate with this town, contamination of art and of styles, but above all of peoples and races that enrich Lisbon with new colors used by all to coexist peacefully.

This town is so people-friendly and cozy that My first impressions of Lisbon, facadeis a pleasure to get lost among its little streets and its tiny houses that hide themselves peacefully in the historic city center. After so many months, it’s nice to be back traveling with old and new friends towards places so similar to the one where I belong.. I travel on the road with with my friend forever, devouring kilometers of freedom.

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