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Manu | 20 November 2011 | no comments


Queenstown, New Zealand, March 21st 2008


This town perfectly embodies the spirit of New Zealand, with its colours, its flavours, the little interweaving streets and its people… the wonderful people who live in this place kissed by the gods…. Queenstown has not only welcomed me, but hugged me and literally made my fly.

This is the place of the extreme…that extreme that couldn’t not welcome and capture me. And then Adam, my friend, and his infinite kind welcome, and all the young people living here who make you feel young forever.

Laying on the shores of a never-ending lake, cheerful and happy, Queenstown is “always on holiday”, always busy with new things to do. This world so far from Melbourne has really captured my attention. This is a place that I want to keep in my heart forever.