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Manu | 26 November 2011 | no comments

The doubt at the moment is: from Isafjordur, shall I take a lift by car to go back to Reykjavik, so I can see Iceland all the way down by car, enjoying and crossing amazing landscapes, or shall I take a flight to Egilstadir, on the east part of the Iceland, flying on the heart of this country, to discover a new amazing place? I am so happy I didn’t book the way back, yet.

Very little has been organized in this trip. I haven’t done too many plans. I am going there and check what to do, what I can do. On my first night in Reykjavik I am going to see Hjalmar’s concert, pure Nordic reggae music . I love these guys and it will be an amazing experience to be in a concert where I don’t speak the language of anybody. It will be my re-introduction to the Nordic world. On Sunday I would like to rest ( I know I won’t!), so I can be fresh on Monday, when I am finally heading to Isafjordur, far North.

And then yes…I will fly up North, to the Icelandic fjords, in one of the most beautiful places of planet Earth. There, I am going to be hosted by Graham, a couch surfer.

Magic world of Iceland. Graham told me if I arrive when he is busy at the Uni, I can just go to his place and open the door, which is always open. Can you imagine the door of your house always open in the place where you live? I love it!

In isafjordur I am going to hunt seriously the Northern light. I can’t wait. I want to see it so much. It has been my aim since so long, last time I went all the way to the Vestmanneroyar Isles and I didn’t see anything. For once, even only minute, I want to see the sky painting itself in all the colours of the rainbow and start to dance above my eyes!!! I am there for this, at the end. I will try in Reykjavik as well. This week there won’t be any moon. Dark sky, let’s hope it will be clear,too. I just checked the weather and…surprise…it will start to snow both in Reykjavik and in Isafjordur just tomorrow. Of course!!! I am the lucky adventurer, am I?

Looking forward to be on the road again!

Catch me if you can!