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Manu | 27 November 2011 | no comments

Hjalmar in concert!

This was really one of the warmest welcome ever had in a new place.I knew they were cool,but the atmoshere was incredible at that concert hall, yesterday. All the show was in Icelandic.The only thing I understood was “takk fyrir”, thanks, and at the end I got the satisfaction to to say the same to the lady who stored the huge book I bought before the show. What a night! Their music was warm and full of good vibes, the voice of the singer is simply amazing. I felt like Iceland prepared her most beautiful show for my come back.

The first thing I had in my mind when they started playing is that these people definitely know how to make music. It seems it’s part of their blood, to them it comes natural in all different styles. It was cool to see Icelandic music is not only the alternative deep one of Sigur Ros, but it can express itself also with the joyfull notes of reggae, something you would never associate to this land at a first view.

Simply great! I just hope to see them again.
So, yesterday at the concert, full of enthusiasm, I also bought their huge photographic book! So wise buying a book on your first day travelling! I already don’t know where to keep it and how to bring it with me and I really feel that, together with the tripod, it will be my mate and nightmare of this trip.
Today when I woke up I looked outside the window and I recognized Reykjavik’s¬† landscape. The sky is clear and the horizon is like a painting in front of me, with the mountains beautifully accompanying every step of my eyes.
On a Sunday morning, Reykjavik is quiet and sleepy, it woke up under a sweet duvet of snow chilling itself, ready for a new long winter.
I like it up here. The white around seems to clean your sight, to make your eyes pure again, before heading North tomorrow, when a new adventure will begin.

Today it’s Reykjavik time!