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Manu | 1 December 2011 | no comments


I left the North, Isafjordur almost with sadness today. I knew if I would have stayed longer, I risked to get stucked there for days due to the bad weather. But on the way to the airport and even more on the plane, looking at such beauty under my feet, so pure, so untouched, I really felt sad to leave. Isafjordur didn’t show me the Northern Lights, as a snow storm was waiting for me last night, but it almost doesn’t matter. That place gave me an amazing feeling of being part of something unique, like my trip, undiscovered except by my eyes. I will keep that emotion with me, until the day I will come back again.
It was weird to be back in Reykjavik, then. Happy to have made it, but sad to leave a place where I have been too short.
Reykjavik welcomed me back with a huge snow shower. At the hostel, my house downtown, they welcomed me back with a smile, I start to know all of them,now. Because of the frozen water I got yesterday, I have a very bad back pain. The boy at the bar was very sweet, and suggested me to recover from it by having the best fish dish in town. So I cuddle myself with a nice sea flavoured plake (koli) with tomatoes chutney…don’t know what fish it is but it really tasted like sea and, together with a Xmas beer, it made my pain go away.
Reykjavik is like the heart of this country. It does its best to help and coordinate the travellers arriving here to see something else.
Tomorrow I am heading to the South. A good night sleep( hopefully) and then two beautiful waterfalls, one of them they say you can even walk behind, and the black sand beaches down to Vik are waiting for me. It will be another inspiring day…
In Reykjavik every half hour it snows in a different way, from the fluffy snow flakes of my arrival to the little imvisible flake dots you don’t even notice unless you look at the sky. I like Reykjavik. It is sweet and friendly.