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Manu | 2 December 2011 | no comments



From up North directly to down South, destination the South Coast of Iceland and hopefully the black sand beaches of Vik. Well, it was too windy to make it down there. For a moment the little van we were in couldn’t even stay on the road.
What a day, what an adventure, what an amazing landscape I saw today!
I have never seen or experienced such a strong wind in my whole life. For a moment I felt like it was the same feeling of skydiving, with the wind that blows so strong while you can barely breath. Furthermore, being literally under a waterfall, behind it actually, with such a weather, transformed a day out in an adventure.
I didn’t make it to Vik, but I saw two unbelievable places, because in Iceland you can se only unbelievable places, expecially in winter. One is the waterfall called Seljalandfoss, amazing. Frozen steps covered with ice bring you behind the waterfall, and there, in the cavity behind the water, where you stand, you can hear the wild sound of the nature. It was a beautiful feeling to see the power of the water, the strenght of the ice freezing the time and everything it touches, creating bizzarre sculpures and capturing life under its mantel. You can really understand the old Icelandic fantasy stories only if you look at that, at the world surrounding you up here, and what you discover is that another, elder world lives  together with ours for real, a world created directly by Mother Nature, where you can only feel like an anonymous witness.
On the way South, due to the strong wind, we had to stop again…and what a stop! Skogafoss is one of those places on Iceland that leaves you breathless. 20 meters higher than the first one, Skogafoss is the majestic power of this country itself. Just at the feet of the crazy vulcano that erupted last year, the day after I left Iceland for the first time, this waterfall has so much energy that seems it tryes to give it to you.
A narrow path on the right side brings you all the way to the top of the waterfall, and standing up there, with the massive waterfalling under your feet on one side and the entire valley in front of you on the other side is one of the most beautiful feelings of beauty I have ever felt in life. The Nature vibrates, the sound invades your bones, the water gets into your skin and finally this land, so extreme and dangerous at times, reaches your heart.
A touch of Infinite, at its best!