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Manu | 4 December 2011 | no comments

I still have in my eyes the beauty of Videy, a small island just in front of Reykjavik, peaceful and incredibly beautiful, I still have in my mind the beautiful icelandic people met on my last night at the hostel, their easy and friendly way to get in touch with people, their joy in introducing you in their life and conversation like an old friend, I still have in my ears the amazing notes of Hjalmar concert last week, and the view of isafjordur from the plane, just before landing….and…it’s already time to go….and in one go i am already back home!

I don’t even realize that I woke up in Reykjavik this morning, early at 4.30 am, and that I am now already at home. I already miss that freedom, that soul condition of a traveller, that amazing feeling of going where you get inspired from, being on the road and feeling the vibes of moving.

“I made it!” I thought on the plane, when landing. Everytime you come back from a place you are a little bit different from when you left. You have met other people, you have done new experience, you have learnt something new, you have probably even doen some mistakes, and all this makes you coming back being renewed and enriched.

I will bring with me every single sensation of this trip for the coming days. I like the feeling of the days after being travelling, when I feel like I walk at least two steps above the others, and nothing worries me. It makes me feel free and strong. I made it! I made it to Isajordur, up there. I first arrived there, at the end of November, with the most crazy weather ever, and then I made it to come back, after a night snow storm! And I managed to do a lot of other things, seeing new amazing places and meeting incredible people. I haven’t done everything, of course, I haven’t seen the Northern Light at the end, but that’s just another challenge for next time. I take my time.I know I will see it and I am not worried about that.

Travelling opens your eyes and makes you vulnerable to all the small info you get everywhere. Yesterday Videy, which was only a name until the day before, trasformed itself in a beautiful day out just opposite Reykjavik. Crazy Reykjavik in winter. The only ferries going to Videy runs in the weekend from a¬† small harbour reachable only with one bus…and that bus doesn’t run in the weekend!!! I had to walk all the way there, got lost when I was almost arrived, and running to catch the ferry on time. Fortunately, it all worth! Videy and the view over there was simply fantastic. The snow was pretty high and the wind pretty strong. On the isle there is kind of a monument to J.Lennon, a light that at night they say it’s the tallest building on the planet. Well, except for that, the rest was beautiful, and observing the town from another point of view made the day unique.

Iceland in winter is really a hard trip. The cold and the snow consume your energy. i feel really tired tonight and my body aches. But what a feeling, and what a satisfaction. I don’t know when I will be back up there. I miss it already, and I saw this is a common feeling of the travellers leaving Iceland. That says a lot about this magic land that gives so much in terms of feelings and beauties …a land with a hot blood and a warm heart.

See you next time again, my magic Iceland!