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Manu | 31 December 2011 | no comments


Luckily this trip ends in Sydney. It will help me to make peace with Australia, with this world that I probably didn’t fully understand, but that Sydney allows you to forget, making you lose yourself among its sweet hills and breathtaking views of cliffs on the sea, and the opera house, and the Harbor Bridge, where after a year I finally understand that I have lived Australia.

Sydney is great, with its warm and friendly climate, and its welcoming people, Sydney busy but not cold…so different from Melbourne. It was interesting to discover and see its corners with the eyes of the Aussies who live here. Although it’s a very touristic town, people living here seem not to care about that. They keep living their life and still enjoying the beauties people from all over the world come for.

Away from the center, behind hidden road corners, there are the small beaches where it’s always summer. Surfers and non are actively busy on the beaches, running, playing, walking…the Mediterranean concept of laying under the sun doing nothing all day on the beach doesn’t really exist here and I found it very funny.

I will come back to Sydney, for sure. It opened my eyes with a very alternative sight of Australia.

It’s a promise sweet Sydney!

Among all my travels, this has been surely the most emotional and special, and it ends here…again breathtaking …awaiting the next one.