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Manu | 11 January 2012 | no comments

We have truly arrived at the end of the world, both the human world and the natural one.
Everything is extreme up here: weather, life, distances. My daily life from the beginning of summer is so far away.We are almost in a dimension of the afterlife, needed by the soul to make peace with Norway and this Nordic world, and with myself.
It’s impossible not to hear the voice of your Self up here, where Nature speaks with her silence, with high cliffs falling into the cold sea, landscapes that seem to have been placed directly by God’s hands into this natural place, singing the beauty of Life and Freedom with her peace.
I am in a place straight out of the pictures of my old geography book or one of the thousands pictures from magazines read in all these years of Nordic love. I am the most Northern place I ever been in life. 22 years old, and fully aware of that free song I bring with me in my soul.
And I am finding myself.
The sea is singing to me of the love for traveling, the love for travels that never really end, and the love for Life, now more than ever, so immense.