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Manu | 12 February 2012 | no comments


I cannot believe it! In April I am going to Argentina!

Where do I start from, once there? What to see, what to do, how to go all the way down to Ushuaia and ten thousands more questions are at the moment in my mind!

Argentina has been one of my lifetime destinations for years.

Long time ago, around 15 years ago, I was looking for some pen pals in South America and my mother came to me with an old envelope where there was written an address in Argentina, explaining that was an old letter sent to my granny years earlier by our relatives. She encouraged me to try to write a letter, and see if anybody would ever reply, not sure even if they were still living there. And so I did. I sent a letter to an old address in Buenos Aires, where part of my family was supposed to live. Everybody had lost their news for years and I was not really sure I would get any reply. But the reply came, from Pablo, one of my cousins and since then we started a long correspondence lasted for years. I and Pablo have been writing each others for all this time, first by letter, then by email, and now we keep in touch with the social network.

In 2011 finally the day came to meet Pablo, for the first time, during his European trip.

It was really emotional to meet each other, to have finally time to talk sitting at a table and getting to know each others. I told him some stories of our family, of my grandmother always thinking about them, of the town his grandfather left years and years ago to go far away looking for fortune, and I heard his stories as well, the stories of these people who are part of my blood and who I always wanted to meet.

In the last few years I tried to go to Argentina already few times, but it always happened something that made me re plan the trip.

Now it’s time to go! When I came back from Iceland, last December, I knew that next one would have been my beloved Argentina. Something had brought my mind back to the road, towards Ushuaia!

Ushuaia, the Southernmost town in the world, is itself called The End of the World. And I love ends of the world, I love the places at the borders with anything different, or unknown. From the end of the Northern world, in Norway or in Iceland, I have been to the end of the world down under in New Zealand…now it’s really time to taste the true one, the one that closes the circle and after whom there is nothing else then a bunch of penguins.

The rest, my trip, is all to be planned. I don’t know yet how long I am going to stay in Baires, how to go to the South, what to visit while on the road, where to stop…

I don’t know anything yet, and I love it. I can already feel my favourite sensation slowly coming back, the one I feel when I am back on the road, heading somewhere unknown and totally free!

If you would like to share some advises…that would be simply great!

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