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Manu | 12 March 2012 | 2 comments

As I had too many questions about Argentina that couldn’t find an answer on a guide or in the net, few days ago I decided to contact Alexandra,  a travel blogger who is curently traveling around Patagonia and Chile, and who was a special source of inspirations  for my vivid imagination.

I have been following her on the path that soon will be mine. She is a curios observer and a great narrator of travels and life.



– Buenos Aires: how many days is it worth to stay?

I stayed 3 days and it was enough for me to visit the places I wanted. But it really depends on your peace, I am a fast walker 🙂

– Is it easy to go from BA to the South?

Yes, there are many buses every day and airplanes, too. Both expensive though!

– My destination is Ushuaia. And I would like to got there by bus. Do you think it’s better to do the coast side or the inner part?

I did the coast side and it was very nice 😉

– Here it is a list of the places I would like to stop at: Baires, Mar Del Plata, Bahia Bianca, Puerto Madryn, Rio Gallegos, Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, El Calafate, Perito M. and Bariloche

Do you think I can make it in 3 weeks?
There is no need to visit Rio Gallegos, there is nothing to see, go straight to Ushuaia. I never visited Mar del Plata nor Bahia Bianca, but did visit the rest. It took me 4 weeks to do so. Just remember that between most of these places, you need minimum 12 hours on the bus, or 24 hours or so, count with that time on the bus 😉  And take something with you to read or do so you don’t get bored 😀

– How long do you think is worth a stay in Ushuaia?
I spent 4 days in Ushuaia and every single day did hiking to a different place and visited the main sites.

– Is Ushuaia expensive as they say?

Yes, it is, especially the restaurants. But Patagonia is expensive everywhere, not just in Ushuaia.

– If I want to hike, is it easy to find other people to do it with?

I never had problems so far, I was always hiking in a group of people and we all had the same route, so we kept meeting in all the places around Patagonia and did all the hiking together.

– What is the most amazing place you have seen down there so far?

I think Perito Moreno glacier, and I loved Ushuaia and Peninsula Valdes with Punta Tombo a lot. It’s difficult to choose from all the beautiful places just one.

– Mar del plata is worth a visit?

Never been there but heard it is nice to see. But I didn’t have time.

– Can you tell me something about the Argentinians?

The Argentinians are extremely lovely! Very helpful and smiling. And I love their accent 🙂

– Is it easy to get internet connections in Argentina?

Yes, it is, but not always the internet works good, usually is slow. But there are restaurants with wifi, for sure.

– What’s the weather like in Patagonia? Is it much colder than the North?

I was actually sunbathing during every single hiking, always had a picnic once we reached the place at lunch time and I got tan on my face and arms. Depends when you come, it is colder in the Andes because they are higher and it’s windy there. Be ready for both cold winter weather and sunny hot days, too.

– Is it easy or cheaper to travel by plane?

I never tried it, it was always more expensive than to travel by bus.


-When did you start traveling?

When I was a child with my parents. I have been travelling all my life. But more since I was 18.

-How many countries have you been so far?

More than 30, not sure how many exactly though.

– How do you finance your trips? Do you get sponsors? And if so how do you find them?

I do get sponsors for the accommodation and tours because of my travel blog which is the main source of my income as well.

– What is the most unforgettable place you have ever seen?

Hm there are really many. Mexico is my number1 country, the Philippines are the second … but then every place has something spectacular …

– What is your 1st impression of Argentina?

I really love Argentina. I used to live with an Argentinian guy when I worked in Italy and I have more Argentinian friends in Europe, so I am very used to them and their accent and their way of life.


Follow Alex’s journeys on the road on her fascinating blog: www.crazysexyfuntraveler.com

On FB: www.facebook.com/crazysexyfuntraveler   

On twitter: @sexyfuntraveler


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