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Manu | 14 April 2012 | no comments

23:00 pm, APRIL 12th 2012

I have left Buenos Aires at 2pm this afternoon to start a crazy 20 hour trip with destination San Carlos De Bariloche. It’s 11pm now. I am on this bus a already since 9 hours and I will arrive at destination in 12. I have already watched 4 movies, read half of my book, listened to almo all my music, I have tried everything not to fall asleep during th day hours, so that tonight I can sleep better and longer in order to be as closer at destination as possible when I wake up tomorrow. Better not to think about. The bus doesn’t even stop anywhere. It goes straight at destination. Even if it’s very comfortable, with large sits ad space, and today it’s also almost empty, I still feel it’s a neverending trip. I

feel like on a plane. The service inside it’s even better than a plane though. They served us lunch and a warm dinner, coffee, tea and biscuits and even champagne or whiskey just now, before going to sleep. It’s like being on a flight business class and I am pretty sure I am going to sleep very well.

I am in the middle of nowhere. Since we left Buenos Aires I don’t think we have crossed anything that can be called a village anymore. It’s only kilometers of fields and darkness around. Since it got dark outside, it has been only dark..kilometers of dark and night. I feel almost lost tonight. It’s a weird sensation to imagine myself as usual somewhere on the globe traveling from a point A to a point B and feeling lost at the same time. Here everything s huge, much more huge than anything seen before. Argentina is incredibly big, and I can see it only no, when I actually feel the distances on my own skins. I think about my house, my life and all the rest and everything seem so far here, and this is exciting and scary at the same time, as I feel my solo travel s just beginning.

Tomorrow morning I hope to wake up at the sunrise. When I will wake up we will be arrived among the Andes, the landscape will be totally changed, and I hope I will wake up early to see the sun rising on it.

Even though  I have been on a bus all day, it as been a long day for me. It will be a long nigt as well, let’s see what the landscape will be when I will wake up tomorrow.