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Manu | 9 May 2012 | no comments

Hi My 1st impressions,


Here is my story and pictures.


I was finally on the plane to Andalucia, my top European destination. I had a big question in my mind “Why do I travel?” spending all this money and time, also the effort for planning trips.
The question bothered me for a while because traveling means a lot to me. But of course it didn’t take longer than an hour since I arrived in Malaga to realize how ridiculous the question was.
The very simple answer just flashed at the certain moment.

The sun was just between warm and hot, the wind was fresh, I was listening to Muse, looking at the local people that I think the most beautiful people in the world..
That moment was nothing special but just enough to tell me the priceless gift that only traveling can give me.

It’s true what I earn from traveling is something infinite, something unexplainable.
Traveling is such a magic that makes me happy even when my favorite shoes get totally worn out so I just leave them in the place. After each trip, my wallet become poorer, but I get tons of beautiful pictures in my memory card. Most of all, I got priceless experience that will possibly change my life.
I will travel as much as I can for my life.



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