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Manu | 20 May 2012 | 3 comments

Argentinians drink and love drinking mate. It’s not only their hobby. It’s their way of living. They bring it with them wherever they go, and in every place there is a hot water machine so that they can refill their thermos and never be without mate. Anywhere.

Argentinians love caramel. They call it dulce de leche and they spread it on everything to make everything super sweet. It’s their sweet addiction.

Argentinians don’t dance tango in the streets of Buenos Aires!

Argentinians love to complain almost about everything, especially politics and football; it’s their favourite way to start a subject, and I love that, as it’s so similar to the Italian way.

Argentinians hate the queues and still they make a queue for everything. In Baires it’s almost impressive to see the queue in the street, thinking it’s for a museum and discovering it’s to top up their bus card!

Argentinians love to narrate their family stories. They all have one. They all come from somewhere far away in Europe, they keep the track of that and they dream to come back one day just to see it. I found all this amazing, How many of us really know where we come from?

Argentinians smoke a lot. Everywhere. When you take a remis, a taxi, the taxi driver will usually tell you to sit at the front with him and then he will tell you can smoke in his taxi, as he is going to do the same.

Argentinians calculate the distances in quadras, “blocks”. It took me ages to get used to that. Everything is 5 or 6 quadras away when you ask, they have the entire geography of their places in their head and you will never find out how far something really is or how to reach itbefore loosing yourself a couple of times, first.

Argentinians speak a form of Spanish deeply mixed with Italian, due to their origin background. It’s lovely to listen to their accent. If you don’t know them, you would thing they are Italian trying to speak Spanish. It’s one of the most funny Spanish way of speaking ever heard.

Argentinians love football. I think I spoke more about Maradona in my 3 weeks around Patagonia than in my entire life.

Despite the fact they complaint a lot, Argentinians are very proud and aware of the beauty of their countries and they love listing all the wonderful beauties of their amazing country, forests, lakes, mountains, beaches..they can talk about how beautiful is their country for hours, and what I found funny was that at the end of my trip I was repeating their own words…they totally managed to make me become one of them.

The best Argentinian form of entertainment is the Asado, the barbeque. Compared to the rest of the world, they are the most organized and technological when it’s about making a barbeque. Their concept of barbeque is not simply cooking meat, sausages, chickens, lam, beef, huge pieces of the best meat in the world are prepared to be roasted slowly on the fire, for some hours and waiting for the meat to be ready is the best way to share time and experience with their family and friends.

Argentinians are friendly and curious about everything. Even on a normal bus, if you sit next to them you cannot avoid talking to them. When they discover you are from somewhere else, they ask you questions about everything, they show you their country, they introduce you to their customs and music and make you feel at home.

Argentinians are polite and friendly. They have their South American heart and warmth inside. They love talking and it’s just a matter of asking and they will open up their world for you.

I have never met such incredible people like them.

Argentinians are like the land they live in: they give you a piece of their heart and they make sure you will love and remember them forever.


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