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Manu | 22 June 2012 | no comments

Camden town

It was the 23rd of July  2005 when I arrived in London for  the 1st time . It was only few days after the bomb attack, everybody had suggested me and my friend not to go, but that place was calling us since ever. It was a deserved trip after a long year of study and friendship in Rome, and it was the summer I had to go to live to Danmark for a while.What a  better excuse than this to stop over for a couple of days, visit a bit Europe’s capital and then fly to Denmark for a crazy summer in Aarhus… I didn’t know that that trip would have linked me and London forever. Despite we stayed only for few days, I got so amazed by London, that I moved there after 6 months!!!! Even now that I don’t live there anymore ( and I have been living there twice), London remains one of the most memorable places of my lifetime.

This was the page I wrote the day I arrived:


London city view from Greenwich


London, July 23rd 2005

I still can’t believe it, I am here since less then 24 hours and not only I already love it, but I feel that when I leave, I will miss London forever.

London took, wrapped and spelled me in 5 hours…and so far I have seen only 2 squares!

Despite the tiredness, I couldn’t sleep at all last night, due to the adrenaline I had, while tonight I feel broken. Together with my friend we are dead tired and tomorrow a new long day is waiting for us. I have seen only few corners of London, few corners of a world that belongs to me since ever. This sensation that cought me unprepared, the feeling of belonging to it. I feel I have found a place I like. And the thought of leaving it kills me. Tomorrow we go to see Freddie Mercury’s house. Here everything tell about him, about his life, of who and how he was.

London nightlife

I feel good and this travel is super cool. In this journey everything is incredibly unreal but also so alive and true. It seems that this freedom I am looking for comes here to rest.

This travel is a free one, like this town, like me, and I needed it because everyone follows what he or she is…

Incredible I am still with no words to describe this feeling. It never happened before.

Have to go now…

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