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Manu | 27 June 2012 | 3 comments

Somewhere in the Argentinian Pampa…the pleasure to feel lost!

Watching “On the road”, yes, and I say “watching” and not reading it, has been a full of expectation experience that was fully fulfilled!

Apart from the characters, who beautifully and passionately impersonated the amazing feeling of freedom that for generation has kept readers of all ages emotionally attached to that book, the amazing feeling I got while watching the movie was the experience of watching yourself in a mirror and of discovery that your inspiration is not only a temporary passion but a life mission.

Travelers have travel in their blood like in their destiny since ever.

Waking up in the middle of nowhere

Looking back at the human history, since the ancient times, travelers have always been there, in the human history, to discover the world and narrate it to the rest of the people, to their readers, to the future generations.

At the times of the Greek, there was already Herodotus who traveled and wrote about wars, people and countries,and Tacitus in the Roman Empire time was the first travel blogger of history and he even didn’t know. Not to mention Ulysses and his adventures around the Mediterranean. And generations after generations since Herodotus, there have been always these amazing people who left everything to go to explore the world, discovering new human and geographical horizons, in a time when traveling was not as easy as it is today, when by horse or walking these people had to cross unimaginable distance before reaching their destination. Despite this, they were there, they kept moving and surviving history. Traveling is in the destiny of the human beings, and in some of them it’s also in their blood. Travellers are like poets, or musicians, they always existed and they enrich the life of those who surround them with their fantasy, with the amazing capability to surprise everybody all the time when they are asked what’s their next destinations.

A landscape caught from a bus around El Bolson, in Patagonia

Jack Kerouak was one of them, years before internet and the travel blogs. And traveling was his mission, his destiny. He couldn’t escape it. The feeling he got at the beginning, the feeling you get from the movie, in his book, is of pure personal inspiration and vocation. It’s impossible to describe it if you are not one like him, and if you are, the movie as well as the books years earlier moves you emotionally.


If you are a traveler, if you have that spirit inside, you know you have it since long time, since the beginning, since you start to remember your first thoughts and imaginations, you remember you always dreamt of far away counties and adventures.

Being on the road is addictive. Sal, Kerouak, Dean , you, me, we all know this because we experienced it. You cannot go back to your normal life for the rest of your life if you have once felt the feeling of being free, traveling along the road of life.

The people will keep asking you ”why” you always move, and you will never be able to find the answer they want to hear. There is not a because. It’s your nature, it’s what it keeps you alive.

We would die of boredom otherwise.


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