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Manu | 21 August 2012 | no comments

The vaccination brochures for Africa


So today it was the big day!

I finally started to do something practical for my Africa dream and got the first vaccinations.

Yellow fever vaccination stamp

What a day and what an impression to go to the Vaccination office  and speak about this amazing trip with a doctor.
I even didn’t start talking that she already took a map of Africa to get a visual idea of all the country I am gonna travel through.
And as soon as we finished crossing the entire map with our eyes, I saw the face of the doctor turning into serious.
She took a piece of paper and started to write down all the vaccinations I must do:
DTP (Difterie, Tetanus and polio)
HEPATITE A (thank god I already had the Hepatite B,as in italy it’s mandatory since you are a child, this will spare me some money)
RABIES (probably)

Beside this, I also had to take the one for MEADLES and RUBELLA, as I didn’t have!

Imagine my face when I heard all this!

My International vaccination passport

Plus the news I could start already today! I was totally unprepared, as I thought today would have been just an introduction!!! And I really needed some psicological preparation as I do hate needles and am scared of them like a baby.
At the end, I got the Yellow Fever, the Rubella and meadles, The DTP  and the Cholera  with 3 different holes on my harm!

I will do the other ones later in November, so I can be protected until later next year,as the vaccination of Hepatite A lasts one year.

I am going to start to test the malaria pills, as the one that the doctor suggested are very strong and they can have as a side effect, vivid dreams and dizzliness! Better starting on time. I suppose I am going to have allucinations rather than vivid dreams, as I already dream very vividly normally!!!

I will get the pills of malaria soon and test them for 3 weeks. probably when I am back from Italy.

I also got my International vaccination passport today. I will have to carry it with me as precious as my passport, as in some countries without it they don’t allow to enter anybody.

The fact is that from Mali to nabibia down we are going to cross for months the most difficult and dangerous part of Africa, desease speaking. And the fact we are going to cross it for such a long time really means prevention is the msot important factor of the entire trip/

Today when Iwent out of that place, I was full of all kind of informations and leaftlets, about safe travelings, all kinds of desease and prevention, maps of Africa ,info about medicines and more and more. I was a bit confused and scared at the beginning, but then It was a great feeling to get out of that place and know that one was the first step of an amzing journey that has just offically started!



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