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Manu | 4 January 2013 | no comments

So here we are! Few hours away from my dream that becomes reality!

It’s hard to describe how I really feel tonight.

I am excited. I know it because I have that recognisable chills under my feet ad in my stomach that doesn’t allow me to sleep and to rest my mind, that’s the sign I am leaving again. I am scared as well, happy and sad. I think that tomorrow at this time I will be back to Iceland for the third time, and on Sunday morning this great adventure I have been talking about for more than one year is gonna finally start, the engine will be on and we will set off towards the east of Iceland. I will meet the Vikings on Saturday, these people I still don’t know yet and with whom I will be spending half of my 2013. It’s exciting all this, so out of the ordinary life. While the world I know is going to work tomorrow, and live the ordinary routine, for me it’s going to start something totally out of the “normal” life, and I simply love the chills of thinking about it. I belonged to the ordinary life until a mnth ago, until today, but tomorrow the most amazing journey of my life is going to start. From tomorrow on my days will be signed on my memory and I will talk about this for years to come.

My backpack is full, sleeping bag on, this is the world I am bringing with me for the next six months crossing a continent.

Of course I am sad to leave as well. This time I am leaving my family, my brother and his wife with whom I spent my last 3 weeks with, Pluto the dog. They have been such a great company and it’s now sad to leave them and think we will meet again around the end of the year, when my nephew or niece will be born!

Its always sad to leave. I experienced it so many times. This is the curse of the traveller: if you want to travel you know you have to say goodbye many times. I know it. T’s a feeling that lasts until I am on the plane, until I turn my eyes forward and understand what I am really up to. Until that moment it’s tough, but I am happy I can count on them.

So tomorrow it is. January the 4th.

Tomorrow evening I will attempt once more to catch the Northern Lights thanks to Tiny Iceland and Iceland excursions. I really hope to make it this time,

Let it begin.

Let me go to sleep for few hours. My flight is early in the morning to Berlin, at 7.00 and the later from there I will catch the one to Reykjavik. It will be a long day, very emotional and intense.

Just want to sleep now and enjoy this feeling…

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