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Manu | 6 August 2015 | 2 comments


It is almost time to go back on the road

It is almost time to go back on the road

Summer 2015 has been long and quiet on the shores of Lake Myvatn. I had enough time to rest, recharge my batteries and my wallet and get my travel plans set up for the Autumn.

This summer will be ended soon and luckily my travel plans are now clear and ready. This winter is gonna be my summer!

As many of my friends have started to ask about my plans, here it is how I am gonna move.

A very sweet Autumn full of friends, laugh, a deserved holiday and 2 countries to discover is awaiting for me in October, in the period I love the most to travel when it is low season and all the tourists are gone. I will have two weeks to visit 4 of the most beautiful cities of Europe: Amsterdam, Istanbul, Athens and Rome. This will be my holiday since a very long time. Even though it is a travel as well, I feel it more like a holiday, where I will take time more to enjoy myself than visiting and discovering.


October 11th : Amsterdam

I will leave Iceland, after one year and a half, to fly back to my beloved Amsterdam.

I will spend a week in Amsterdam, trying to catch up with as many friends as possible, have some fun and attend a couple of concerts, get my life back and enjoy my time in my second home.

First stop: Amsterdam

First stop: Amsterdam

October 18th: Istanbul

I will leave Amsterdam with my Greek friend Despina, destination Istanbul.

It will be the first time for me in Turkey and in Istanbul, a capital I always wanted to visit. It will be also my coming back to my beloved Mediterranean, to the warmth of climate and people, to the Mediterranean flavours and scents, the loud people and music, the atmosphere where I come from and where I belong. With Despina we will look for the good day and night life vibes, we want to enjoy it at the best, having fun and not thinking about anything.


October 22nd: Athens

On my back back to Rome I will stop to Athens for 3 days. Despina is Greek so why not taking advantage of being with a local to discover one of the most fascinating and old cities of our beautiful Europe and of the world. You must visit Athens at least once in your life, it is where our democratic world comes from, where the concept of freedom and the basics of our way of thinking were born. Athens and Greece have been way too long on my bucket list. Often people ask me if I am Greek. I think it is time to go to have a look.


October 25th: Rome

Here I am, back home. I will be landing in Rome in the evening and go straight home where my nephew Manuel and Pluto the dog are waiting for me.

Home, Rome.

Home, Rome.

October 25th-November 21st: Italy

I will be in Italy for almost a month, with the hope to have enough time to spend time with my family and all my friends. I will also use this time to get a motorbike license and hopefully get a motorbike to ride, too. Days are still nice and warm in that period in Italy, I will taste the new wine and eat a lot of chestnuts. And get ready for my new adventure!


Pluto, my mate

Pluto, my mate

November 21st: Florida

I will fly to Oslo from where I will catch my flight to Florida. Yes Florida, people! Because flights to South America were way to expensive in November.

So, as I am there, I will stop there for a bit, volunteering in a hostel I am currently defining, getting my new camera and allow myself to realize an old dream all those who know me since many years know how obsessed with, I have always been: getting a skydiving license and learn to fly.

A friend is already doing it and listening to his excitement and stories from the sky just made my wings itchy enough to finally decide to do it. So what better place to skydive than Florida, the skydiving paradise? It will be summer, it will be warm, it will be a beautiful location and most of all it will be a lot of fun! 

End of January: South America

I count to get the license in December and have some skydiving fun on Florida until the end January, when I will leave the US to finally move to the South American continent. From there on, nothing is planned and I don’t want to plan it at all, because you cannot really plan too much when it is about South America. I have dreamt of a road trip journey in South America at least since I was 15. I always promised myself one day I would have left everything and go to South America for few months. And I think timing couldn’t be more perfect than now, after Iceland, when the need to go back to a human world closer to mine is so strong.

I only know that I count to be to Peru’ around the end of March, when the weather is better, so that  the Macchu Picchu hike or bike adventure will be well worth it.


Another dream coming true

Another dream coming true



On my way back, if I decide to come back, I may be stopping to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival at the end of April. It all depends on one of my favourite singers’ tour dates. If Gregory Porter goes there to perform, I may buy the ticket immediately.



Next, I don’t know. If I come back, I may come back to Iceland again for another summer of work.

There will be the Mongol Rally 2017 to sign up for and to start preparing. And who knows…the Egypt Motorbike Challenge in Cctober 2016 seems like a good way to start the new Autumn/Winter travel plans 2016/2017!

Lacio drom to me!


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