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Manu | 25 May 2016 | no comments
Kulusuk, Greenland

Kulusuk: My new home for the summer!

My Summer 2016 will see the coming true of one of my oldest dreams: visiting Greenland!

And lucky me, I won’t be there only for few hours or days, like most of the people do when flying from Iceland, but I will be spending an entire summer there, living and working in Kulusuk, a small village on the East Coast inhabited by more or less 200 Inuits.

There are no roads in Greenland to connect the villages, and therefore there are no cars. Locals move around by kayaking or by dog sledging while tourists travel around by a more expensive mean of transport: helicopter. Life is pretty expensive in Greenland, due to its lack of communication with the rest of the world and its geographical isolation and of course Kulusuk is such a small village that I shouldn’t expect more than a small shop in town and that’s all. Maybe a bar. Maybe not even that.

What will I do there? Am I scared of it or of getting bored? These are just some of the questions I have been asked since I announced my summer plan. These are the questions everyone asked me so far and that I have wondered myself. I have decided not to think too much about things I don’t know anything about but to just let the adventure begin when it is the due time and enjoy it at the fullest, ignoring all the negative comments heard around by those who love to compare every kind of experience to their own.

Greenland is an adventure, probably the last frontier of adventures and of the unknown and undiscovered. The fact we don’t know much about Greenland makes it pretty unique nowadays. So it was Iceland few years ago and those who went there before the big tourism boom recall a country much more fascinating and pure than the one of today. So I imagine Greenland.

Many wrote me to inform me I will surely get bored over there as they did after few hours. So what will I do in Greenland? Well, premised the fact staying few hours in a country doesn’t mean you have seen the country at all and it is very reasonable the fact you got bored if you stayed only few hours and couldn’t explore anything around, I consider myself lucky to have the possibility to live such an experience in my life. I will spend three months of my life in an Inuit village, with locals at the Northern edges of the civilized world. Despite belonging to Denmark, Greenland has very little to do with its mother colony. Its culture is Inuit. I don’t know anything about Inuit culture. Everything that will happen from the day I land on it is gonna be a new daily discover, a constant moment of learning and developing, a fascinating and unique life experience I am lucky I have been gifted with.

Let’s get it started!!!!

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