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Classic Trail – New Zealand

This is one of the most iconic walks known to mankind – as well as one the best organised. As many as 90 people can start the trail at the beginning of every day, which sees them trekking across 33 miles in a four-day excursion.

The crowning glory of the adventure probably comes in the form of Mitre Peak – a gigantic set of five mountains clustered together around an arrow-headed summit. This sits a staggering 5,560ft above the ground, and can be climbed by tourists – but not often, owing to the challenge.

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Wadi Rum – Jordan

This unique landscape was made famous by the British Army general Lawrence of Arabia, but has since been used for a number of blockbuster Hollywood movies – most recently as the surface of the planet Mars in the Matt Damon flick, The Martian.

A barren landscape is perfect for exploring and, perhaps unsurprisingly given the previous statement, has an other-worldly quality about it. The burnt orange sand of this locale is something which needs to be witnessed at some point in your life in person, and not just on the silver screen.


Ciudad Perdida – Colombia

The lost city of Ciudad Perdida is perhaps one of the most isolated spots in the world, but it’s this exact feature which makes it so appealing to anyone looking to take part in a holiday which involves a real adventure.

It takes no less than six days to trek to this ancient spot, which was rediscovered in the 1970s when a group of explorers stumbled across the area by accident. The ancient colony which built the city abandoned it for an unknown reason sometime after the 11th century AD.

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For the perfect blend of culture and adventure, you’re not likely to find anywhere as good as this underrated South American landmark. Just know it takes real dedication to reach.

Spitsbergen – Arctic

This remote island is certainly not easy to reach, but it’s well worth it when you do eventually rock up and come face-to-face (hopefully not literally) with a series of wild polar bear clans.

Despite their cuddly demeanour, it’s important not to play down the potential dangers you face when dealing with a polar bear. As recently as 2011 a British boy was killed by a bear in the region – highlighting the immense danger.

This is a fascinating view into one of nature’s most majestic creatures, but always be on your guard and keep as much of a gap between you and the bears as possible at all times.

Horseback Safari – Kenya

This unique experience sees you trekking through a Kenyan safari on horses, with four stopping points at luxury lodges along the way. The real highlight of this trip comes from the fact wild animals are considerably less scared of horses than humans.

This means you’ll be able to witness all sorts of incredible creatures up-close and personal, from elephants and lions, to the intriguing gerenuk (effectively a hybrid of a gazelle and a giraffe).

If you’re after an adventure on your next holiday, make sure you get involved with one of these amazing locations. You won’t be disappointed.

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