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Manu | 22 October 2012 | 1 comment

Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan Wonder of the World & UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sometimes, no lens or words can capture the essence and beauty of a moment as clearly as the naked eyes.

Exasperating scenes, epic landscapes & breath-taking panoramas are extremely tricky to capture in an image, not only because it has to portray the scene but encapsulate the emotions often apportioned to such observations; fear, isolation, exhilaration, joy and other-worldliness…


Viewpoint near the Monastery, Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan


Sitting on the edge of a suspended rock, overhanging vast Wadi Musa Desert

I find myself at the top of a mountain, having hiked a steep, winding rocky incline.Sweaty, thirsty and aching, this moment is quite different to the pictures I’ve spent years ogling in books, blogs and magazines. They’ve certainly helped my imagination run away with me, up to here & now. But in person, this landscape is infinite yet dramatic; soothing yet bold; awe-inspiring yet petrifying.

Bedouin tents pitched up in most scenic spots, heights of Wadi Musa deserts

 Vast views out across desert of Jordan and beyond, heights of Wadi Musa deserts of Petra, Jordan

To point-and-shoot feels an offence. Of course, I still try…as any amateur photographer would understand.

Jordan is a country of boundless beauty.

Some of the countries, by which it’s encircled, lie before me now in the far distances of this panorama, just before the dusty sands merge with the hazy sky to paint a wall of horizon.

Piles of stone indicate pathways through deserts of Petra

Petra, the rose-red city, is Jordan’s main tourist pull.

Tall sandstone structures shoot into the skies in Petra

It’s a vast and sprawling sandstone site dating back to the Nabateans  from 1550 to 1292BC, and lies in the Jordan Great RIft Valley.

Lovers of the outdoors, nature, history and archaeology will find themselves in their element, with the most exquisite scenes awarded only to those who hike, climb and adventure towards them.

Tall rocky outcrops jut high into the skies, capped with unique historical sights and astounding views.

Intense heat makes a challenging but rewarding hike up Petra desert mountains.

Entering Petra

I’d recommend at least 2 full days to explore Petra. Many come for 1 day but that’s simply not enough to do it justice. Now, at the dizzy heights of my Petra adventure, a dream trip has become reality.

Day One and it’s early morning.Today, I dedicate to reaching the first two of three must-see Petra sights, the Treasury and the Monastery…NEXT POST

Petra Landscape



Anisha standing at the top of Petra’s Monastery trail, out to the ‘End of the World’,

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