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Manu | 22 March 2012 | no comments


It was almost a shock to leave the isolated and majestic scenery of Milford Sound and get welcome by the urban reality of Auckland!

In the imagination of everybody Auckland tastes like sea salt and has the blue as a main colour, but the truth is that when you arrive downtown, Auckland welcomes you with her gray buildings, from the top of her most famous tower: the Sky Tower. People do bunji jumping from up there, and it’s funny to hear theirs screams walking nearby. You have the constant sensation someone is suiciding!

The town is not chaotic, but very messy, and sometimes it gives me the impression to be in Naples, so far from down here.

Slowly and little by little, after a while Auckland starts to reveal herself in her simple but also sophisticated beauty, with its beautiful colours of the harbor and of the boats sailing the sea.

The feeling here is that Auckland is a town of sailors and sea men, and its the first step towards the unknown wold of the Maori people, this ancient and far away population that I have started to meet up here, and that I would have never thought to meet in my life.