Kulusuk, stunning Greenland

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Manu | 2 June 2016 | 4 comments
Kulusuk, Greenland

Kulusuk bay shining in the gold light of the sunset. Picture perfect!

I think I just reached the most beautiful places on Planet Earth.

Greenland leaves you speechless already when you see it appearing at the horizon, from the plane. It seems to be reaching a lost island, a paradise lost in time and space, still untouched, pure and wild. When you land and you put your feet on the ground, surrounded by those majestic mountains and ice lands, you realize to have reached a place unique in its kind in the world.

Kulusuk, Greenland

The most famous and photographed house of Kulusuk

But it is when you meet its people that this feeling becomes real. I think Inuit people are the sweetest, peaceful and friendly people ever met on the planet. They have a smile stamped on their face and they manage to transmit their soul kindness without even saying a word. The real wonder of this place is most probably them, this is my 1st impression of Greenland. And it is for this reason that, out of all the most amazingly beautiful things seen yesterday on my first day here, the best part was certainly the walk from the hotel to Kulusuk village.

Kulusuk, Greenland

A place worth to mirror the soul of its beautiful people

Only a place inhabited by a such beautiful people can mirror their beautiful soul. Kulusuk is stunning. It lays on a glacier bay surrounded by majestic snowy mountain peaks shining in the blue of the sea on a picture perfect sunny day. It was the best way to welcome me and make me fall in love with this place.

Kulusuk, Greenlandic people

A local enjoying the sunset scenery and sun at sunset

The locals seem to be aware of the Beauty around and it happens often to see them sited outside enjoying the landscape they have in front of them, enjoying the sun and the power of the nature. There is nobody on their self phones here. No isolated teenagers obsessed by their little gadget, no adults screaming on the phone. People here, both young and old, sit for hours outside in the sun and simply enjoy the beauty of the landscape around, the warmth of the sun they missed for so many months and the company of their neighbors and friends. When you walk in front of them int he street they look at you with a smile and they greet you. Always. They smile and greet you all the time.

Kulusuk cemetery, Greenland

Post snow walk in the village. The old cemetery on the left of the photo.

Kulusuk is Beauty that becomes reality in front of your eyes. From every corner, under any kind of light, it seems to shine of its own stunning beauty. It is so beautiful that seems fake.Every corner, every house, every sight leave you speechless and take your breath away. You keep walking around the village screaming Wow in your brain.

Kulusuk, Greenland

Who cares about the cold, with this view?

People who contacted me to ask me how I was seemed to be very worried about the cold today. But the cold seems to disappear here when the soul can get warm with the colors of the world.

Kulusuk, Greenland

Midnight sunset light on the village

Behind their beautiful smile, these people hide the awareness to live in one of the most amazing places in the world. We wonder how they can live in a place like that, isolated by everything and everyone, but we have never really come to see how they live and if we have done that we try to see it with our westernized eyes; maybe they wonder the same about us.

Kulusuk, Greenland

This is what locals stare at when they sit for hours on a bench in the sun…

It will be interesting to have to do with inuit this summer. Their world is really another world. Event heir vocabulary, the way they talk about things and places and feelings sounds so different from ours and seems to get out of a documentary. You feel them different. But not far away. It is a pleasure to share with these people a summer that I hope will be wonderful and unforgettable.



Kulusuk, Greenland