Tulum, Mayan Mexico

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Manu | 13 February 2016 | no comments
Tulum, Mexico

Tulum white sandy untouched beaches

Probably the best and most beautiful spot of the famous Riviera Maya of Mexico, Tulum is definitely a must when visiting the area. And not only for its white sandy and palm tree beaches that will make you forget the tourist mayhem of Playa del Carmen an lead you to a still unspoiled and untouched paradise yet to be changed by the mass tourism, and neither for its hippie atmosphere in town that can captivate you by day and night with a very young, relaxed atmosphere that is slowly changing, according to locals, but it still keeps a bit of the vibes that went lost on other sites of the Riviera Maya, but also for its Maya ruins site, definitely not the biggest in Mexico, but definitely the most fascinating because of their stunning position, lying on a cliff on the Caribe ocean.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum ruins facing the ocean

Tulum, Mexico

Entering it in the middle of the jungle vegetation, walking though its paths and looking at the sea down there alters a bit your imagination and makes you think of what this site must have been, of the people who built it here, on the sea, so exposed to the violence coming from that sea that must have protected them for a long time, but also so far away from other main Maya centers across the peninsula and the country.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Ruins are pretty unique for their location on the sea

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum castle and the beach just under…

Tulum, Mexico

Today’s inhabitants of the Ruins

The queue is long, especially on a hot day, but the 64 pesos are well worth the experience. The sea under the main building is blue and green, it smells of far away lands and adventures, of dreams and ancient civilisation we barely know anything about. We never study Tulum at school. We never really study the Mayan culture, the history books put it together with all the other Centre- American civilization and wrap them in a short chapter of our history making us believe they were all the same and they all extinguished at some point… so we arrive at that gate to the ruins completely unaware of the grandeur of this society, of its past, of its glory and when we start to slowly discovering it, we open our eyes to something mesmerising which is first of all the awareness of the majesty of these people and secondly the fact that they are still among us, they walk with us in the streets we cross every day, they surround us and smile with their gently attitude. They arrived till us and they sing the beauty of their culture by make us visiting the sites that belong to their ancestors. Not many old cultures have this luck and that’s why when visiting sites like Tulum the wonder leaves you speechless.

Tulum, Mexico

Best part of a visit at the ruins is the beach waiting for you just after…

From the ruin you can step down on the small crowdy beach that lies at its feet or walk a bit further where you will find neverending white beaches with less people than the nearby towns and a much relaxed atmosphere.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum beaches, Mexico

For a place that is only one hour away from Playa Del Carmen, you’ll end up coming back there several times during your stay on the Riviera.


Collectivos, small shared buses, leave from Playa del Carmen, between Avenida 25 and Calle 2, almost every 10 minutes and for only 40 pesos and 1 hour drive you are arrived in paradise.

Here it’s a gallery of the view of the ruins, the cliff and its beautiful beaches.

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Tulum in HD