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Manu | 11 November 2012 | 7 comments

Iceland, The Blue Lagoon just outside Reykjavik
Photo by seattlestravels.com

The Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik is one of those surprising places and experiences that managed to make me forget about everything and enjoy a great moment of pure pleasure while traveling.
I even didn’t want to go there, at the very beginning. I had been already in a Blue Lagoon, one year earlier, in Mivatn, near Akureyri, in the Northern Iceland and I thought to avoid the super touristic one of Reykjavik.

Blue Lagoon entrance
Photo by seattlestravels.com

But the day my flight to Isafjordur got canceled, all my plans got changed. I went back in town and didn’t know what to do. Reykjavik is a cool town, but small, and I had spent already some time there on my first visit one year earlier, so I really didn’t know what else to do in a cold afternoon at the end of November. I had chosen to leave it to Isafjordur just for this reason, in order not to get bored in the capital. At the hostel, the receptionist suggested me the Blue Lagoon, and told me I could take the last bus there and enjoy it by night.
So I did it and I must say it was a great decision. In the bus it was only me and an Australian dude traveling alone as well.
On the way there, as soon as the bus left Reykjavik, we entered in the dark landscape of Winter in Iceland. The sky was clear and the snow on the land was enlightening the view and the road. Everything was silent and majestic. When I arrived there I walked inside quietly, almost like trying not to make any noise in order not to disturb Mother Nature.
I was frozen and I really thought how I am gonna go out there and reach the

The muds in the Blue lagoon are pefect as body and face masks. Photo by seattlestravels.com

water, with the temperature outside probably around zero degrees!
I made it, running, and once in the water the feel of well being and happiness took control of me. When the few people who were still there left, I was almost alone in the water, for something like 3 hours. Together with the Australian guy we explored all the sides of the blue Lagoon, we made a mask with the muds of the Lagoon, enjoyed the waterfall waters, silently contemplating the night, the cold and that amazing place together. The Blue Lagoon at night was like a dreamy experience, far away from the rest of the world, from the tourists who fill that place during the day. At night it seems impossible to imagine that place with any other people. That place cures your body tiredness and your soul sorrow and gives you a unique link with the world surrounding you.

Enchanting, relaxing and unforgettable, expecially at night!
Photo by seattlestravels.com

When you leave that place you are almost in pain. It seems you are abandoning one of those places of Planet Earth that are capable to give you the real happiness. It’s a feeling that lasts for a moment, until you sweetly fall asleep, relaxed as never before, in the arms of your dreams.

This is the page I wrote that evening, when I was back from that amazing experience.

The most unreal lagoon in thew world!
Photo by seattlestravels.com


There is a waterfall at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, just in a corner. The water temperature of that waterfall is around 38-40 degrees. It seems just another attraction of the place, but if you go to stand under it and close your eyes..you can feel the magic happening: the water’s hands massaging you. It feels really like strong and powerful hands are massging your neck and your arms, it’s an amazing sensation that keeps you there for hours, before starting to explore the rest of the Lagoon, that is hiding in the darkness of the Icelandic winter.

At the beginning I didn’t want to do it, as I thought it may be just another touristic spot, but after my flight to Isafjordur got canceled today I decided I deserved it. Going at night at the Lagoon is an experience itself. After 6pm, on a Monday afternoon, it’s almost empty, the flow of tourists is gone, the few people left in the hot waters are like shadows fading int he hot steam. It’s freezing outside, and going out there with your swimming suit is almost a challenge at the end of December. But as soon as you get into the water the feeling of warm and nice takes possession of you and doesn’t let you go out for hours. Everytime you have to get out of the water to go to the steam room, or to the sauna it’s physically painful. My feet hurt, almost in shock for the temperature change that just happened.

When I look at the sky, cold and clear on the top of my head, in the silence of this absurd place outside everything, deep in the countryside, at dark, surrounded by nobody, I can see the stars and and then everything really disappear while my body and my soul start to enjoy this pure moment of pleasure. What an experience!

As it was too cold and dark to try to get any kind of photo that day at the Blue lagoon, I decided to enjoy the moment and forget about it. The beautiful photos you see in this post are a great work by Seattle. She kindly accepted to posat them here and show you how beautiful this place is during the day as well.

Have a look at her blog to find out more: http://seattlestravels.com/