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Manu | 14 November 2012 | 2 comments

The colour of Brighton is creamy,a ccoring to 30Travelers Traveler

I arrive in Brighton train station from London. The trip was short. An hour. It took almost as long to get between London neighborhoods as from London to Brighton. 

Details of Brighton train station

Inside the train station is beautiful. Light, airy and with high ceilings. I feel a sense of anticipation that I MIGHT like this place.I hadn’t liked London as much as I expected. I’m here for a job interview.

Once outside, I feel flattened. The road the station is not appealing. It’s dowdy and dirty. “How can such a beautiful station be attached to such an ugly road?”

Seaside in Brighton

And yet I know that straight ahead is the sea, only a very short walk away. As I get closer to the sea, I reach the clock tower. The main street of town runs perpendicular to the street the train station is on, left and right from the clocktower. I look down the street, left and right. I’m trying to get a sense of the place. 

There’s a mall. A mall seems easy. There is a sense of walkability, of things not being as effortful as they are in London. 

The sea front is pretty. Having grown up next to a similarly rough, cold ocean, this seems homely. The beach itself is nice. It’s still overcast. England is always overcast. Or so it seems. 

Brighton Seafront

I can see cream buildings along the sea front. Gorgeous cream buildings. The color of a city is important to me. NYC seems like it’s the color of lights. London and Paris seem dominated by gray. Gray buildings and people wearing gray clothes. I like NYC. I don’t like London or Paris. This cream is unexpected. Cool and warm together. Nice.

I think I can do this. I think I can move here.

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