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Manu | 13 December 2011 | no comments


Brussels, Belgium, January 17th, 2009

This 2009 has barely begun and it already wants me on the road, I’m almost at the end of these old pages and along comes the sign of so many other paths to travel during this new year.

I know it. I start the new year with a European Capital city, and what a capital…let’s say Europe’s capital city.

Brussels is proud and solemn, sophisticated and majestic. It contrasts a lot with the messy Amsterdam, its colours and its life.

Brussels is beautiful and kind, it has the strong character of the people, it’s a crossroad of so many different cultures living together here. However its beauty, that at the beginning enchants your eyes, then disappears, because it lacks the personality of something definite. Its grey colour and its quietness make the town a stop for tourists, it remains with you but it doesn’t leave any mark.

Tomorrow Bruges, in hopes of discovering something more authentic…We’ll see.