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Manu | 13 April 2012 | 5 comments

Leaving the centre of Buenos Aires and arriving at la Boca, one of the eldest and most popular areas of the town, is simply a joy as you can see how the urban landscape can change so easily in a town so big and how even a urban town like this one can transform in a little village.

La Boca is the area where, at the beginning of last century, the poorest classes of emigrants, especially Italians, were living. The started to use the remaining paint left by the sailors who painted their boats, to paint their houses and isolate them from the water.

This is why all the houses of this area have so many different colours, and this is the main characteristic of la Boca. Arriving at The Caminito, the most colourful area of La Boca, is a joy for the eyes. Even though the area is now very touristic, you cannot be amazed by these tiny pads surrounded by houses of all colours surrounding you. Sometimes even the same house can have been painted with different colours, the result is a rainbow in the streets that make it unique and lovely. Along the streets dancers of tango are everywhere, dancing next to restaurants to attract people. The impressions I had is that is touristic, but not aggressive. It´s definitely far away from the chaotic centre of the town, it´s definitely much safer, as police is all around, and not too crowded, as most  of the tourists son´t make it here, as too far from the main attractions in town.

I loved El Caminito, it´s an oasis of colours and happiness in the middle of such an enormous urban agglomerate like Buenos Aires.

Boca is the heart of Boca Juniors as well, Diego Maradona´s football team, and you cannot avoid noticing it everywhere around here. The locals wear all the Boca shirt, in yellow and blue, and if you are lucky enough you will meet his sosia (and what if it´s him for real?) in the main street at El Caminito, asking you some pesos to get a photo wit him, and not far from there, even though everybody say it´s a bit dangerous, you can reach the football stadium, called La Bombonera, that is a must around here.

I loved this are of the town so much today, it´s a way to escape the chaotic life of Buenos Aires and refuge in a place that seems existing only in your imagination.


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