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Manu | 25 September 2009 | no comments

Streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 25th 2008

Let’s say that as of today my Dutch life in Amsterdam has officially started.

After so much contemplation I let go of my laziness and I finally took my bike, and I must admit, I finally see everything with fresh eyes. Finally I see the town like the Dutch, the gaps start to close and I feel more a part of this place. VondelparkCompared to London, Amsterdam seems to have welcomed me in a very merry way, with the sun shining, kind people, my bike, new friends..and this cheers me up. house boat amsterdam

The hours and the days go by quickly here, even when I have nothing to do.

Amsterdam is sweet and absurd, it keeps surprising and cuddling me, She loves and cherishes me and, together with my friends, makes my life feel full…