A magic day in Venice

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Manu | 17 January 2018 | no comments
Gondolas, venice, venezia,

Gondolas on Venice horizon at sunset

Take a sunny day after the Christmas holidays when tourists are all back home to their daily routine and life, the air is nicely crispy but the sun is shining, you go out of the train station and voilà…Venice, Venezia is welcoming you with open arms and full open heart.

canal grande, venice, venezia

Canal grande, the first stunning view you see as soon as you get our of Venice station

You get out of the train station and the only thing you have to do is start dreaming, abandoning yourself to the power of imagination, which, in Venice, can do a lot of nice work.

venice, Venezia, Italian daily life

Venice daily life

It was the first time I visited Venice in my life. Many people, from all over the world, always underlined how glorious, romantic and stunning is and often they told me about their dream to visit it one day. Well, I always felt ashamed about the fact I am Italian and never been in Venice, so what a better occasion than being around the area to allow myself a day as a wanderer among its canals and vibes?

Venice canals, canali di Venezia

Venice, out of time and space, simply eternally charming

First impressions? Simply the most stunning, wonderful town in the world.

Venice, canals, bridges, ponti, canali, venezia

Imagine how much life has passed on those bridges

It’s not only the first impressions of Canal Grande and its boats floating around as soon as you exit the train station, or the dead end streets which end up with water when you don’t expect, or the million canals and bridges where, as a a labyrinth, you can only go further and further enjoying the feeling of being lost in the most amazing town in the world.

Bridges, Venice, Venezia, canali

Did you know there are around 436 bridges in Venice?

There is much more tun that that makes Venice special.

Architecture style, Venice

The enchantic architectural style of Venice is unique and contributes to make the town atmosphere magic

It is its history and ancient vibes that allows you to start dreaming and imagining life going on those bridges during its hundreds years of history, life and history made by merchants and prostitutes, poets and artists who decided to donate this town to the world as a unique masterpiece of perfection.

Venice, venezia, canals

Venice is a photography paradise

Many other places in the world call themselves “the second Venice”, such as Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, even in Benin there is a town that is called “the Venice of Africa”, but the truth is: no place will ever be able to compare to La Serenissima, and Venice and its people know that very well.

St Mark's cathedral, Venice, Piazza S. Marco

Puddle reflection of St.Mark’s cathedral wonderful Oriental style facade

St. mark's square, venice,

And another…

If you have only one day to spend it town, my personal advice is to leave the map in the hotel and start getting lost in town. It doesn’t matter if you don’t find the church you wanted or the museum you were looking for.

Venice, sunset, Venezia

Venice at sunset: the most romantic place in the world

Venice is an open air museum of Beauty and architectural perfection, of the glorious majesty of human power of imagination and creation.

Venice, sunset

Sun setting on my 1st visit to Venice.

Get lost in Venice by day and wait that darkness falls on its bridges to feel even better that weird feeling of finding yourself lost among its tiny streets at night…let your imagination arise and …happy exploration.


Venice, Venezia