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Manu | 2 October 2012 | 1 comment

I and my friend Laura on the way to Møns Klint!

“Basta with these cities…they look all the same!!! ”  these were my famous words on the train leaving Copenhagen and heading to the little island of Møns Klint with my friend back in the summer 2005.

Møns Klint, the most unknown of all the islands ever visited!

We had spent few days in the Danish capital, and it was still amazing but we were tired to go vagabonding in town and personally really wanted to see this tiny white cliff island almost unknown even to the Danes  and that sounded so amazing at my eyes before leaving.

I didn’t know it was ment  to be an adventure of a lifetime!

With Laura, my friend, we arrived somewhere in the South of Danmark by trein and got a bus to arrive on the island. The way to Møns Klint started to be totally deserted and suddenly just joking I told my friend: “imagine if now the bus stops telling us we are arrived…in the middle of nowhere!!”.

Well…Mons Klimt is exactly the heart of nowhere and the bus driver did

Pretending to hitchhike in the middle of nowhere!

exactly that. He stopped us in the middle of the countryside telling us our hostel was about 3 kilometers away, somewhere in the forest nearby.

We started to laugh, as we found the two of us alone in the middle of the country fields and with only a path that was going deep into a dark forest. It was like one of those fairy tales or horror movies where a lot of things can happen…and so it was. We started to walk through the forest while it started to be darker and windier.

Laura and her trolley towards the forest

I was with my backpack but my friend was with her trolley, funny to watch someone going to a forest with a trolley, like a tourist arrived in town.

On the way, as soon as we realized there was nothing and nobody around for kilometers, we started to be worried. We saw a caravan parked on the side and I made a stupid joke about an horror movie

The caravan in the forest

I had seen lately about a killer coming out of a van like that. This didn’t help to make the atmosphere chillier, and me and my friend started to get worried, as it was almost 8pm and it was starting to get seriously dark, and no trace of our hostel was around.

We suddenly arrived to a square, where there was an isolated house in the middle. We thought it was our hostel, but it wasn’t. When we went to check, we had a look inside and it was full of dead

The dark forest

animals. The entire situation began  to be scary, and even more when we met an old woman just outside that house who couldn’t speak in English but was keeping showing us the house telling us something in Danish. When she walked away and we were really without words for that. Suddenly we saw a couple in the square. We were relieved and went to ask for their help, and the only thing they did was showing us where we were and where our hostel was, 3 kms further. They then asked us if we wanted the map, instead of a lift to come back! Great!

We left them going away and we sit down trying to think what to do. But, while I was trying to call the hostel from the broken phone booth that was in the square, suddenly a girl appeared. She said she saw these 2 girls going trough the forest late in the evening, one with a trolly, and was wondering where we were going. We told her our story, that actually we were lost,  and she invited to stay with her and her boyfriend in the caravan along the road (yes, she was the owner of the famous caravan!!!), as the hostel was too far to be reached at that point.

Our Lucky stars!

The huge Teddy bear we shared the bed with!

We called her our Lucky star. It was amazing. It is always amazing meeting people who are so kind and generous when you travel and who literally save you. We accepted her invitation of course and we went with her tothe caravan. And then, there, we had one of the most beautiful nights of our life. She and her boyfriend were fruit-pickers from France, who were traveling around Europe. They had a dog, they cooked for us crepes with nutella and we talked and drank together all night. It was an amazing experience of friendship and adventures. They gave us food, friendship, company and a bed to sleep, to be shared only with their gigantic  teddy bear. Unbelievable and amazing people!

The day after we thanked them and kept going through that mysterious forest looking for the hostel, for other 3 kilometers.

When we found it, it was too early and the reception was still closed. We decided to leave our bags there and finally go to see the famous cliffs, as so far we still were wondering if they really existed.

View from Møns Klint white cliffs

Amazing Møns Klint!

Well, the cliff existed and were awesome. We met the French couple again on the cliffs, and we spent the afternoon with them, playing guitar, singing and talking, and enjoying the amazing view we had just in front of us, of course.

At dusk it started to rain so bad that it was impossible to go back, so the couple gave us a lift to the hostel. But, when we arrived there, the hostel was closed, as it was too late!! Oh, this is sooo typical me! So, for the second night, we were without a bed.

The hostel was in the middle of nowhere, without any light outsise, calm, dark and scary.We decided to spend the night in the lobby and leave at the first lights the day after.

The hostel

Around midnight a couple passed by and offered us the two left mattress of their room, and suggested us to sleep in the hostel living room as it was quiet. That’s what we did, crossing the entire hostel with these 2 huge mattress. We couldn’t stop laughing, for the story we were living and imagining already the face of those who were going to listen to it one day, when we would have gone back.

Our scary improvised bedroom

We placed the mattress on the floor of the living room, and tried to sleep, but it was impossible. It was funny and scary at the same time. We couldn’t stop laughing, and the alarm for 6am was totally useless as we didn’t sleep at all that night. We kept hearing noises coming from outside the door, and the wind outside was making so much noise that we kept thinking there was someone outside. We were awake all night with the constant fear to be found and at the sunrise we decided to go away.

Out of Møns forest, forever!

But when we tried to leav,e the biggest storm of the century came out. It began to be really a nightmare, there was no way for us to get out of that place. We decided to take an umbrella and just go.Instead of going back through the forest to catch the bus, we just crossed the forest on the other side and walked all the way to the nearest village for more than 10 kilometers. We were exausted, tired but still the whole story was so unique that we couldn’t stop laughing and taking photos on the way.


When we arrived to Magleby, we finally got a bus back to the normality, and then a train to Aarhus,. where I spent the rest of that unforgettable summer.

Even now, after years, with Laura we talk about it and it seems like a dream where we made it safely out!

The amazing landscape of Møns Klint crosed on the way to Magleby!

Did you ever experience such an adventure while traveling?