The Posada with the Mexicans

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Manu | 19 December 2015 | no comments


Posada, Mexico

Dulce trying to catch the piñada

Posada is one of the traditional Mexican Christmas celebrations.

Posada, Mexico

Part of on the Posada night the group at the hostel

Few nights ago we celebrated it here at the hostel Wonderous World where I am currently volunteering, thanks to the great job made by Dulce and her organization called Laz Desobedientes, an artistic feminist organization her ein Playa del Carmen.

Posada, Mexico

Dulce preparing the ponche

The word Posada literally means shelter and is a representation of the Christmas night whenMary and Joseph went looking fro a place to stay overnight.Posada, Mexico

The one outside singing the part of Joseph asking for shelter

There are two parts to the traditional posada song. Those outside the house sing the part of Joseph asking for shelter and the family inside responds singing the part of the innkeeper saying that there is no room. The song switches back and forth a few times until finally the innkeeper decides to let them in. The hosts open the door and everyone goes inside.

Posada, mexico

The part inside responds singing the part of the innkeeper saying that there is no room

Once inside the house the party begins. Dulce made ponche, a sweet drink made of fresh fruit left to boil for few hours, a clothes exchange and we also broke a piñada, the most traditional of Mexican social activities to do in every party. When the piñada broke tons of candies went on the floor and the night kept going with beers and a lot of chats.

Posada, Mexico

Kicking piñadas


Posada, Mexico

Collecting candies from the broken piñada


Posada, Mexico

The winner of the piñada

It doesn’t look like Christmas at all here in Playa del Carmen, with sunny beach days and 30 degrees all day, and I love it. And it was great to discover a bit of the sweet traditions of this people I am learning to love a little bit more day by day.