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Manu | 11 June 2003 | no comments

center of Trondheim

Trondheim, Norway, June 11th 2003

After five months I return to my diary and to my life.

Five months that I should have commented on but I preferred instead to leave them in silence, to then recapture them here , from THE North, from the furthest North I have ever been, and that I know I am still destined to surpass and go beyond…Roof in Trondheim

I am again in front of the sea, a bay singing to me infinite melodies of distance and freedom….as solitary and unique as the world I am leaving behind me, already part of my “yesterday”, and the world still to come, already full of new dreams and hopes.

houses in TrondheimEvery thing I was supposed to discover, I didn’t, in these past few months, and every thing that was unlikely to come became true.

This world up here gives me a different free spirit, reborn from an existence that has marked me deeply.

This is the anthem to everything that ends, that ended yesterday, in my arms, and that will never again let me be the person I was before.