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Manu | 22 February 2012 | no comments


GOING BACK TO ROME is like going back in time, my lifetime and history time. It’s a feeling that welcomes me since the moment I step off the plane every time, when the noisy sunny atmosphere immediately introduces me back to the Italian way.
Rome is incredibly unique in the entire world, and the more I see the world, the more I realize this.
I have been in many other cities, that are different, bigger, smaller, but there is no place like Rome, where I feel constantly surrounded by beauty and colors even if I just go for a walk to the supermarket.
Rome enchants me all the times with its eternal charm, its old buildings but most of all it’s its ancient atmosphere that not only surrounds everything but makes you feel like somewhere out of space and time, too.
One of the things I always liked the most of this city is the time I am on a bus, in a car, by foot, thinking about my daily life, busy with my stuff, and suddenly I turn a bend and something amazing appears in front of me, that can be the Colosseum, Saint Peter’s or any other old building, remembering me how small and young and unknown I and my little steps are compared to what is called Eternity!

Piazza Venezia, Altare della Patria

Rome and its noise, its wide space, its old atmosphere and hidden corners. Compared to other European cities, what it makes this place amazing is the fact that it appears  rather like a big village than a big city to your eyes.
Some areas of Rome are like villages, with their own feeling, smells, tastes and sounds. In the warm summer nights, you can walk downtown, and downtown is called center of Rome, and still find people sited outside their houses, on their chairs, looking at the world tourist streams pass by in front of their door. They don’t even see those tourists. They belong to the town and the town belongs to them.
This is what it makes the difference with the rest of the world: the humanity of these people, used since centuries to have the entire world coming to them, their down to earth attitude that sometimes is exaggeratedly chilled and brings to misunderstandings with thoseis not used to them.

The Forum

I try to imagine the 1st impressions of Rome with the eyes of different people. I like to catch this feeling when I walk along the streets, and sometimes the contrast between the Roman attitude and the foreign expectation is so high that the visitors are usually left confused.
There is no place more touristic than Rome in the world. Every corner is a possible spot for a tourist with a camera. Despite this, or maybe because of this, it’s really a pleasure to get lost in the touristic flow and see what people from all the the world come to see, with my traveler eyes. In one case or in the other, Rome will do its part, will show her most beautiful charm and will enchant them for ever. You don’t need to throw a coin in the Trevi’s fountain to know you are going to wish to come back here at least once more for the rest of your life!


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