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Manu | 21 November 2011 | no comments


The Prekestolen on top of the fog



The view form the top of the Prekestolen, when the fog desappeared!

When I wrote the page below in 2003 I was exactly on the top of what you are watching on the photos now! Yeah! I was on the top of the Prekestolen and it was one of the greatest feelings ever!

I was traveling through Norway since one month,at the end of my Erasmus studies in Oslo, with some amazing friends met that year, who I knew enough to decided to do that trip with, and that by the end of that amzing journey became friends for a lifetime.

We tried twice to go up to the “Pulpit rock”. The first

The long way up

time the weather at the departing point in  Stavanger, was horrible, so we sadly decided to go South instead. But once in Kristiansand, South Norway, we were so disappointed not to had been able to make it, that we decided to take the night train and go back to Stavanger. And so we came back, and when we arrived, early in the morning, we went straight to the ferry.

We started our way up full of expectations, beside the fact a lot of people were telling us it might be foggy. For us it was fine, it was not raining and we were already happy for that.

On the top of the world!

We walked all the way up for 2 or 3 hours, sharing some hilarious moments together. It was interesting to look at the people and their motivations to do such a crazy thing like walking for hours to arrive on the top of a rock where probably you are not going to see anything as it’s foggy!

Well, that’s what we were also doing, and it was also great!

When we arrived on the top, and I saw the Prekestolen for the first time I got really chills. The rock was standing there, in front of me, in front of us, in its majestic and mysterios beauty, surrounded by fog.

The feeling up there is Unforgettable !

I saw some people arriving up to the top and start crying as they couldn’t go further. I saw people cooking o the edge of the Prekestolen, everything that your minds allows it’s allowed up there.

At the very beginning there was not much to see, and still the feeling of being one step away from Nothing under your feet was imcredible. But then suddenly the fog went away and the most impressive scenic view opened up under our eyes and feet.

The Nature, the view, the feeling to be light and small, the very close step toward the end, made that moment and that place one of the most unforgettable of my entire life.

When I finally manage to relax, breath deeply, sit on the edge of it, open my eyes and realize what was laying under my feet I got one of of the strongest feelings ever, totally hypnotized by the power Nature can use to enter into your soul!


This Interrail journey couldn’t finish in a more majestic and awesome way, with the climb to the “Pulpit”. The emotion is almost impossible to convey.
First the climb, tiring – but with every step more aware of a destination with huge rewards – and then the arrival, and the display of infinity at your feet, the conscious scare of your psyche, of the air, of every single movement, both physical and mental, that may let you waver. Everything is ephemeral here, but the satisfaction of reaching such a destination is immense.
It was like walking towards life and human destiny, with an impervious mountain to climb that can reward you with the taste of the Infinite – if you are lucky.
And on the way back you are not the same anymore: the fear of the emptiness disappears and you become one with life, at that moment.
And if, at the Lofoten I touched the gods hand, here on the Prekenstolen I caressed their faces. My love for Nature, my Pantheism has never seemed more real than in these days.
This travel finishes here, like this.
Next stop: Oslo.